How To Counter Darkness Effect in Minecraft

This guide will teaches you about how to counter darkness effect in Minecraft. The Deep Dark is a brand new biome in Minecraft, which is located profound underground. While it is dark as a matter of course, the hordes inside it can inflict the “darkness” status effect and make the player’s field of vision significantly darker. The effect is caused by the activation of a sculk shrieker, or by being within the location range of a warden.

How To Counter Darkness Effect in Minecraft

How To Counter Darkness Effect in Minecraft

Once the sculk shrieker and the warden apply this effect, even daylight wouldn’t assist you with seeing through the darkness that will encompass you. However, in any event, when the darkness effect is very challenging to handle in the latest Minecraft update, you can in any case use certain tips to help ease up or significantly counter the new status effect in the game.

  1. Killing Sculk Shriekers
  2. Make a Potion of Night Vision (8:00)
  3. Try to sneaking
  4. Show status effects
  5. Bring and use torches

Killing Sculk Shriekers

You can break it with any tool, however using the Hoe is the fastest strategy. Assuming you take too much time destroying the block, you may awaken the protector of the Ancient City in the Deep Dark biome.

Make a Potion of Night Vision

Potion of night vision give you night vision when your in the dark and the splash potion of night vision do the same thing however when you toss it on a horde it will get night vision.To make a Potion of Night Vision, open the brewing stand. In the brewing stand UI, place your water bottle in one of the bottom three boxes.

Try to Sneaking

Toggling sneaking allows the player to switch among walking and sneaking without having to hold down a key. To toggle sneaking on a Windows framework, press and hold the sneak key while holding down Alt . This will freeze the game temporarily; to continue the game release both keys, then press and release Alt again.

Show Status Effects

Status Effects (snap to reveal) Players can be under the effect of various status conditions at any time. To check which status effects you are under, take a gander at the containers with images shown on the top right of your screen.

How To Counter Darkness Effect in Minecraft

Bring and Use Torches

You can use torches to illuminate your way and make it easier to get around in the game.

In this example, we are going to use a torch to light the passage in our mine. We have chosen the torch in our hotbar. In the event that you don’t have a torch in your inventory, you can rapidly make one with a crafting recipe for a torch.

Potion of Strength

Assuming you choose to battle the Warden instead of running from it, you really want to make each hit count and it ought to be all set. To guarantee that, you don’t just need the best skirmish weapons yet in addition the force of a Potion of Strength. It increases the damage that the player deals toward the Warden with each hit using a skirmish weapon.