How to Recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

In this guide we will explain you how to recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. Star Ocean: The Second Story R has a lot of cool and helpful characters you can add to your party throughout the game. One who ought not be overlooked is Opera Vectra; follow this manual for learn how to recruit this cool and versatile character for your party.

Opera brings a ton to the table as a party member. Opera probably won’t be the most powerful character in battle, yet she has range — and that is not simply referring to her ranged assaults. While Opera doesn’t switch weapons like your other party members are ready to, she can prepare cuts onto her Colorful Ray Firearm. She has versatility, a speedy assault capacity, can make the aforementioned range assaults without relying on wizardry, and works well as a healer.

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How to Recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

In how to recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, Opera is a great character to have to gather a more balanced party. Furthermore, she likewise permits players to open Ernest as an extra party member. Opera can be a significant expansion to any adventuring party in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. That is, assuming you do your best and make a point not to miss your opportunity to recruit her.

Who is Opera

How to Recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Opera Vectra is a sophisticated and adventurous aristocrat with a soft spot for apple cider from the planet Tetragenesis. She hails from one of the four respectable families on her home planet, so she’s kind of no joking matter back home. On Oust, however, she’s simply one more stranded visitor on a mission. She’s in the world to search for her boyfriend in how to recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, Ernest Raviede, who has disappeared. Unfortunately, her spaceship ran running on empty and crash-landed which implies she’s available to getting a little assistance on her mission — which is where you and your party come in.

How to Get Opera in Your Party

How to Recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

The first thing you want to note is that assuming you already have Ashton Anchors in your party, you can stop trying to recruit Opera since it is unrealistic. This is very much an either/or circumstance, recruiting one of them implies forsaking the other.

The second thing you really want to know is that there are heaps of little advances required to bring Opera into your party, and it’s very simple to unintentionally overlook any of them and wreck the whole thing, so be alert. In the event that you find yourself meeting Keith and you haven’t already encountered Opera, you’ve missed your window.

Your first step towards recruiting Opera happens way before she shows up in the game. Early on in the game, during your first visit to Krosse City, you have the opportunity to encounter a three-looked at man in the city. You should find him in order to open Opera later, since, in such a case that you have not encountered him the journey which introduces Opera to the party won’t occur. The journey that introduces Opera to the party begins after the battle among Claude and Dias in the armory challenge at Lacuer City. You can also read about our latest guide about Get Custom Player Heads In Minecraft from here.

Raiders of the Lost Arc

After the battle with Dias, your party needs to travel to the little port town of Hilton. When you are there, find your direction to the nearby bar. Inside, you will see a very Raiders of the Lost Arc scene playing out. Opera will have recently finished beating a man in a drinking challenge, hoping to gain some information in return — information that your party can provide… to some degree in part. Opera, who herself has three eyes, has been asking around about the three-peered toward man you ought to have already encountered in Krosse City. The man being referred to is missing archeologist Ernest Raviede — Opera’s boyfriend. Claude will volunteer some information about the man you encountered to Opera. However, you’re not finished at this point.

How to Recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

You will currently need to go to Krosse City to address the King and get some more information for Opera. The King will let you know what he knows, and point you towards Opera and Ernest’s latest whereabouts — the Mountain Castle on the Northwestern side of the first continent.

Unfortunately, the Mountain Royal residence is not as overall quite quiet of a spot as the name would recommend. It is really a perplexing and dangerous prison brimming with monsters. Player beware assuming you try to endure while underpowered. However, there is a pretty decent plunder to had in the event that you feel capable of exploring a bit.

You will find Opera toward the beginning of the prison. She’s understandably apprehensive about going in alone and requests that the party go with her in return for letting you have whatever plunder you find en route. Simply select the “Sounds great to me” discourse choice and you are all set. Opera will presently be in your party, for some time.

Bonus: How to Recruit Ernest

You have the choice to rudely ignore Opera’s storyline about her search for Ernest after you recruit her for your party, yet on the off chance that you continue her storyline you will ultimately open him as a potential party member. It is important to take note of that while you can recruit Opera without Ernest in how to recruit Opera in Star Ocean: The Second Story R, you can’t open Ernest without Opera.

Your first move toward unlocking Ernest after recruiting Opera is to find his laboratory inside the western part of the Mountain Castle. He will not be there, yet you get an opportunity to steal from his stuff while advancing the plot.

Your next stop is the Sacred Forest in Arlia (which you can skip in the event that you’re actually reading this regardless of not really wanting to get Ernest in your party), which ought to be pretty familiar to you as it’s where Claude lands toward the beginning of the game. It is additionally where Opera crash-landed in the world and you should find her spaceship in the eastern part of the forest.

After this, you will have some non-Opera/Ernest related things to deal with until the King of Laucer sends the party to search the Hoffman Ruins with Leon. After your main journey with Leon closes, return to the entrance to finally assist Opera with finding Ernest… sort of. Unfortunately, while Ernest was missing he got move a malevolent spirit and the best way to exorcize it and free him is to overcome him in fight.

Ernest and Opera

When the battle is finished, Ernest and Opera finally get to have their reunion. After the cutscene, you are given the choice to invite them both to join your party by selecting the exchange choice “Might you want to travel with us for some time longer?”

They will acknowledge, and you will receive a trophy for each character.

Whether you choose to recruit Opera without help from anyone else or her and Ernest as a pair, you will bring a tomfoolery and powerful partner curious to see what happens. Opera has a great storyline to work out, some pleasant exchange, and she would be a significant expansion to any party. Thus, try to focus on individuals you meet and the occasions happening around you so you don’t miss your opportunity to recruit her.