How To Complete Fallout 76 Trade Secrets Quest

In the wilds of dystopian West Virginia, the principles of commitment are clear: make due or become singed meat. What’s more, in Fallout 76, the game doesn’t get behind you during quests, and the infamous Trade Secrets quest is no exemption. Accordingly, many bold globe-trotters have wound up scratching their heads and scouring Appalachia, trying to open and complete this quest.

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How To Complete Fallout 76 Trade Secrets Quest

How To Complete Fallout 76 Trade Secrets Quest

Unlocking the Trade Secrets quest in Fallout 76 resembles cracking a vault of stowed away information.

  1. Follow the Administrator quest until you arrive at the point where you gain proficiency with the mystery of the mountain. It resembles being in on the juiciest tattle in the No man’s land. Whenever you’ve uncovered that secret, the quest Manager Supervised is clinched.
  2. Then, you’ll have to flatter the Establishment chief to get your hands on some drilling tools. Everything without a doubt revolves around that appeal and influence.
  3. Whenever you have those shiny tools, the Trade Secrets quest will open up like a mother lode of chances.

Fallout 76 Trade Secrets Quest

How To Complete Fallout 76 Trade Secrets Quest

Completing Trade Secrets Quests takes some mind, cunning, and a smidgen of karma.

How to get to Hornwright Estate in Fallout 76

Go to the Hornwright Industrial H.Q. furthermore, look everywhere for hints. Stand by listening to the Motherlode control terminal transmission and focus since you’ll have to hear the entire thing before your next genuine springs up. Then, advance toward the infamous Hornwright Estate. Be cautioned — the security powers outside intend to take care of business, so come ready for a battle.

How to get into the safe room in Hornwright Estate

How To Complete Fallout 76 Trade Secrets Quest

When inside the Estate, you’ll have to get into the safe room, however you will not have the right I.D. card.

Chase down an entrance keycard for the safe room entryway. It tends to be tracked down in two areas:

  1. At the Hornwright Industrial central command, on the C.E.O’s. work area.
  2. At the Hornwright summer manor, on the cellar’s truck.
  3. Then, utilize the elevator to arrive at the top floor of the Estate and enter Penny Hornwright’s Terminal. You could have to do some snooping around and utilize your sharp criminal investigator abilities to find pieces of information for the password, or on the other hand in the event that you’re feeling fortunate, go after guessing it with your high “Karma” level.

How to get the Experimental Pip-boy Schematic

Whenever you’ve broken the safe room, get prepared for a meeting with Penelope Hornwright herself.

  1. Pay attention to her discussion with Motherlode and converse with her to propel the quest.
  2. Then, she’ll send you on another mission to Vault-Sleuth College to gather a Pip-Boy development unit. Look out for Grounds Security robots.
  3. Whenever you’ve gotten the Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI Unit from the table, quick travel to the following area in Summersville.
  4. Inside a house indicated by the quest marker, you’ll have to obtain the Experimental Pip-Boy Schematic from the wall. It’s a test of skill and endurance, so be speedy and be careful.
  5. Then, get back with Penelope and sit down to talk with her. Depending on your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. details, you could have to find an Eyebot sensor module and a Robobrain interpolator to complete the quest.
  6. Get the parts back to Penelope, then head back to Establishment to talk with Paige and wrap up the quest.