Naughty Dog Patches The Last of Us PC Port Problems

Naughty Dog Patches The Last of Us PC Port Problems

Naughty Dog has delivered a fix for the PC rendition of The Last of Us to address execution issues players have been encountering since send off.

The profoundly expected PC game at first experienced a progression of bugs including shadowing issues, send off issues, steadiness and execution issues, and memory releases, frustrating many fans who were anxious to play playing on their own pieces. Fix, named v1.0.1.

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5, which vows to fix a large number of these issues, despite the fact that hazy assuming it fixes the concealing issue was causing strange visuals and execution issues. Ideally, the fix will fix soundness issues caused by old illustrations drivers as well as send off issues that keep a few players from sending off the game. mouse and camera issues relying upon equipment and show settings will likewise be fixed.

In spite of the game’s new delivery, fans communicated disillusionment with the PC port. Given Sony’s progress in porting games like Wonder’s Bug Man and Homecoming, many had high expectations.
In any case, Naughty Dog’s fast reaction to issues and fix discharges shows its obligation to giving players the most ideal experience.

The Last of Us Section 1 for PC has exceptionally expected by fans, and the arrival of the fix is a welcome move toward tending to the exhibition issues numerous players are encountering. As an ever increasing number of fans enter the universe of Joel and Ellie on their gaming PCs, we trust this fix gives a smoother and more charming experience for everybody.