How to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite

In this guide we will show you how to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite. Legendary Games understood what it was doing by putting Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan up front in the principal promotional image for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. This character is cherished by many, and presently you have a chance to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin to immortalize him in your profile. This guide explains how to finish all the expected missions and unlock the Eren Jaeger skin, so you don’t have to wait for a second longer than necessary before playing as your favorite anime star.

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How to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite

There are eight journeys in total that you should finish before you can unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite. Underneath, we’ve recorded each and explained how to finish them as fast as conceivable.

How to visit Guard Towers

How to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite

To visit Guard Towers in Fortnite, you should visit five of the seven Guard Towers that have been added to the map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. We observed that the most ideal way to do this is to track the journey from the menu and then follow the symbols on the map. There’s a group of four Guard Towers on the upper left-hand side of the map that will assist you with smashing this mission out in one match.

How to search Scout Regiment Footlockers

How to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite

To search Scout Regiment Footlockers, you should find and open them as you would Chests in Fortnite. Scout Regiment Footlockers appear inside buildings at named locations all across the map. They’re larger than Chests and have the notable Scout Regiment image from Attack on Titan on top. At the point when you open them, you’ll have a chance to find two of the hybrid things from the anime series.

How to damage opponents while airborne

How to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite

You really want to find an ODM Gear to damage opponents while airborne in Fortnite. You can pick these up from Scout Regiment Footlockers around the map. Once prepared, aim and attack opponents with it. This will cause your character to lock on, zip near the target Falcon Scout, and attack them. All damage from ODM Gear figures in with this journey, making it the best weapon to prepare to finish it.

How to destroy structures with a Thunder Spear

To destroy structures with Thunder Spears, you want to find Thunder Spears and then fire them at any houses or other structures you can find on the map in Fortnite. We propose entering a building and firing at a corner. This will cause maximum damage and progress the mission as fast as conceivable.

Where to find Thunder Spears

You can find Thunder Spears in Scout Regiment Footlockers. You just have a chance of finding a couple of Thunder Spears in each one, so search as many as you can in the event that you’re trying to finish a mission or arm yourself for a battle.

How to find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square

To find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square, it’s ideal to drop from the Battle Transport straightforwardly onto Anvil Square. Obviously, make sure you thank the Transport Driver first. See the map reference above for the exact location of Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square.

We saw that as it’s easiest to approach Anvil Square from the east, crossing the scaffold. Then, focus to your left side whenever you’ve entered the location, and you’ll see a building with a lean-to roof at the end. The basement you look for is inside that building.

How to swing from three different trees in a row using ODM Gear

To swing from three different trees in a row using ODM Gear, get yourself some ODM Gear. Whenever you have it prepared, you really want to find a gathering of trees that are very near one another. Aim the ODM Gear at the nearest tree and attack. This will see you launch at the tree, swipe, and leap. As soon as the primary attack is finished, aim at a different tree and attack again. Do this multiple times in a row, and you’ll finish this journey because you’ll have swung between the gathering of trees using Attack on Titan’s generally recognizable accessory.

Where to find ODM Gear

You can find ODM Gear in Fortnite via searching Scout Regiment Footlockers. These are dabbed around the map and allow you an opportunity to find either Thunder Spears or ODM Gear. Search each one you experience, and you’ll before long find the thing you’re after.

How to hit opponents with ODM Gear or Thunder Spears

To hit opponents with ODM Gear or Thunder Spears, search Scout Regiment Footlockers for the two weapons and turn them on your adversaries. There’s no real stunt to completing this mission, yet we found it easier to utilize ODM Gear to hit opponents because Thunder Spears have a coordinated delay.

How to hit the nape of different Titan Targets with ODM Gear attacks

This mission shows you where all the different Titan Targets on the map are located. Track the mission so you can easily move between them. Then, when you land in a match, search as many Scout Regiment Footlockers as you want until you find ODM Gear. With this weapon, you can aim at the bags on the necks of each Titan Target and attack them. This will destroy the Titan Target and progress the mission. Do it multiple times, and you’ll finish it.