How to Complete Agent Jason’s Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

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How to Complete Agent Jason’s Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

How to Complete Agent Jason’s Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

To begin Agent Jason’s side quest, you’ll have to converse with Coatl at the Banges Dock. In the event that Coatl isn’t there, or on the other hand on the off chance that he isn’t offering a side quest, there’s a decent opportunity you want to advance the story somewhat farther to open it. Coatl will request that you head to the Aidan Stronghold to save a few detainees being held there. Assuming you’d like, it’s simpler to follow quest goals by selecting the quest and pressing T to follow it.

Help Banges Special Agent Jason

Simply on the edges of the Aidan Stronghold, you’ll get together with Banges Special Agent Jason, who will join powers with you to free the detainees and sabotage the fortress. In the wake of talking to Jason, you’ll battle your direction uphill through a few gatherings of foes until you arrive at Mach, one of the detainees being held inside. Subsequent to talking to Jason again, you’ll entrusted with retrieving an electron sensor a brief distance away prior to heading back to free Mach, trailed by a few different detainees.

Sabotage the Fortress

In the wake of heading to Jason one final time in one more piece of the base, you’ll addressed by a few additional foes in the final battle grouping of the experience. In the wake of dispatching this gathering, Jason will fend off the remaining adversaries while you set up certain explosives around the gear in the fortress. There are a few close by red barrels that are ideal for the gig, and you’ll have to put them at three distinct areas prior to escaping and leaving Jason to set the base burning. Albeit the areas are plainly denote, the headings are somewhat irritating. For instance, when you’re not kidding “move to the control console”, you really need to convey a barrel there.

How to Complete Agent Jason’s Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Wandering Servant Quest in Tower of Fantasy

There are four sections to the Wandering Servant questline. To get 100 percent consummation towards the Story part of your Terminal, you should finish every one of the four quests within this side story. The following are the means for completing the Wandering Servant quest in Tower of Fantasy:

Wandering Servant I

  • Address Hanna in Cetus Island, Navia, to begin the quest.
  • Look for Distress Signals
  • See the savvy servant’s condition
  • Answer to Hanna
  • Back to the savvy servant