How to Enter Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy

Searching for how to enter Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy? Phantasia is triggered with an ideal evade and dials back time while completely charging your weapon’s Omnium charge in Tower of Fantasy. Peruse on to figure out how to appropriately execute an ideal evade to trigger Phantasia.

How to Enter Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy

The Phantasia impact can initiate upon an effective ideal evade of a foe’s assault. During an incoming foe’s assault activity, they will streak an orange glint prior to landing the assault. Assuming you press the evade button on schedule with this orange blaze, you will stay away from all incoming harm and at the same time enter Phantasia.

During Phantasia, the log jam of time makes your adversaries become really vulnerable, as they can never again move or respond to your positioning and assaults. Subsequently, this provides you with a liberal window of a couple of moments to line up a couple of your heaviest-hitting assaults in an uncontested climate. Combined with an ideal evade completely recharging the Omnium Gauges of your weapons, Phantasia permits you to release full release assaults with hardly a pause in between.

How to Enter Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy


Recollect that the Phantasia impact accompanies a cooldown of close to 15 seconds between each utilization. This intends that, after one Phantasia closes, another can’t begin with hardly a pause in between, regardless of whether you pull off another effective wonderful evade. Due to this repairman, you ought to attempt to save your dynamic Phantasia for an instance in which the impact would actuate on different foes with hardly a pause in between.

How to Trigger Phantasia

A Perfect Dodge is a method that evades a foe assault and triggers Phantasia when done effectively. Phantasia dials back time in fight, and furthermore tops off your weapons’ Omnium Gauges.

This empowers you to play out a progression of assaults while foes are immobilized and gives an enormous benefit in fight. The cooldown time for Phantasia is 15 seconds, so you will not have the option to trigger Phantasia following a functioning one.

How to Enter Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy

Ways to Dodging Attacks

It is tempting to continue to tap on the Dodge Button while trying to execute a Perfect Dodge. However, players can do a predetermined number of runs before the Dodge Meter runs out.

A Dodge Cooldown notice will spring up when you can’t run, and this leaves you helpless against foe assaults. Monitor your Dodge Meter and possibly utilize your runs when fundamental.

Cooldown of Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy

Phantasia has a cooldown, however Tower of Fantasy doesn’t unequivocally let you know this. Our examination and interactivity appear to put this somewhere in the range of 15 and 30 seconds. This is seemingly determined by what character and weapon you are using. You can follow your Phantasia cooldown by the shot symbol over your wellbeing bar.

Everyday Level Cap

Consistently in Tower of Fantasy, you can advance such a long ways before you hit a stopping point. On the very beginning you can arrive at level 18, on day two you can arrive at level 24, etc. The levels coincide with the sections in your Wanderer’s Log, so you can actually look at that to perceive how close you are to the following capping point.

When the everyday reset time elapses, you’ll have the option to continue on. There was next to no happy to do in the game until we hit around level 20, so know that the very first moment may be a piece dull.