How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

This topic is about how to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy, the open-world online RPG Tower of Fantasy highlights World Bosses, tough foes indicated by an enormous symbol on the guide that ought to be battled together with different players and will drop excellent things like SSR weapons. Robarg is likewise one of the World Bosses that are important for Tower of Fantasy Executor Event, and when you defeat Robarg, she will drop 500 Revitalized Energy Body, which can be traded for the time being compensation in the Store.

How to Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

How to Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg is the World Boss locate in the primary area of Tower of Fantasy. The World Chat will often attempt to set individuals together up to handle the World Bosses of the game and players can join groups or travel to different channels to join the game. At the point when participated in the battle, players should watch out for a couple of key assaults.

Tower of Fantasy Robarg Boss Guide

Robarg is a perilous world boss fit for defeating you with only a couple of assaults. That is the reason your initial move toward defeating her is to find different players wanting to attack her. You can go to Robarg’s area and find different players who need to attack Robarg in the World Chat. When you find players, go to the Channel where every one of you intend to strike and begin attacking Robarg.

How to Defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Robarg is feeble against shoot, so you should bring weapons with the Flame component. Taking no less than one long-range and one more impressive short-range weapon with you is ideal. Like that, you can undoubtedly go after Robarg from anyplace and switch jobs with different players in the assault. Robarg is versatile to Volt, so drop any of your Volt weapons and things to supplant them with other appropriate hardware.

Robarg has a couple kinds of assaults and a stage where she has long vines to go after a ways off, however since she generally remains in one spot, you can without much of a stretch keep away from a large portion of them. Yet, you should continuously saved an eye for the harmful gas, the honey bees, AoE, and the chasing assaults. At the point when she is attacking you, attempt to get an ideal evade and finish enormous harm on her.

During the battle, Robarg will actually want to get your wellbeing on low, and it’s ideal to get ready for those circumstances. To that end you ought to bring a liberal measure of food things to mend yourself. Furthermore, you ought to convey food things that will give you other rewards.