How to Get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

Looking for how to get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy? Overclocking Chip (Rebirth) is a type of Currency thing in Tower of Fantasy. Peruse on to look into Overclocking Chip (Rebirth), its area, and its use.

One of these things, specifically, is the Type 1 Chip. Here, we’ll go over what this chip is used for and how to handily go over around the universe of Aida.

How to Get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Overclocking Chips by using Special Vouchers to purchase Special Matrix Orders. You will get one for every Special Voucher you spend, paying little mind to what you get in the draw. This is a decent method for picking up a couple of your favored rewards for the Special Vouchers you spend, since the things you can buy with them are ensured, instead of being irregular pulls. Note that because Overclocking Chips are attach to restricted time occasions, they will not remain in your inventory indefinitely. Instead, they will be supplanted with standard Base Chips when the occasion clock runs out.

How to Get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

How to Use Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

You can use Overclocking Chips to buy things at the Limited Store. These things will generally be expensive, with Matrices normally going for 80 Overclocking Chips each. Up to this point, the things in the shop have invariably been the SSR Matrices that go with the restricted time occasion, in spite of the fact that there’s a little opportunity different things could included what’s in store. Not at all like with Base Chips, however, you can’t use these to buy update materials or sell them altogether. You can, however, hang tight for them to transform into Base Chips toward the finish of the occasion and use them as you would ordinarily.

Tower of Fantasy Currency Types

In Tower of Fantasy, there are nine exceptional types of monetary standards. A portion of these monetary standards are use for comparable purposes, however the majority of them are use to buy special things which can’t purchase with different monetary forms.

How to Get Overclocking Chips in Tower of Fantasy

Where To Get Type 1 Chips

Fortunately for all Wanderers, Type 1 Chips are not too hard to get. As they are an all the more early-game thing, players will get these chips regularly by basically playing through the game and the story missions. There are 197 Type 1 Password chests to found all around the Aesperia map in the realm of Aida.

Week by week Mission Rewards

One more method for receiving these chips is by completing and claiming week by week mission rewards in the game. These missions rewards can be a wide assortment of errands to finish and can be essentially as straightforward as investigation, and, surprisingly, opening chests, the entire way to slaying risky foes like world managers.