How to Open Nintendo Switch Kickstand

Today, you will find out here how to open Nintendo switch Kickstand. The kickstand on the Nintendo Switch is one of the most useful features of the console. It is a small metal bar that you can use to prop up your device. The kickstand can be used in two different positions, the first being for using your device in Tabletop mode, and the second being for using it in TV mode.

How to Open Nintendo Switch Kickstand

How to Open Nintendo Switch Kickstand

There are two ways to open the kickstand on the Nintendo Switch.

The first way is to slide your finger across the touch screen on the right side of the console. This will cause a menu to pop up and you can select “Nintendo Switch Stand.”

The second way is to press in on both sides of the kickstand. The left side will push in and then pull out, while the right side will push in and then push back out.

Remove the Nintendo Switch from the Dock

Notwithstanding, maybe you are looking to totally change your dock and reconstruct it as you would prefer. With the approach of home 3D printing, this kind of creation is simpler than any time in recent memory. 3D printing plan stores like are chock-a-block with great plans.

Removing joy-con controllers

  1. Turn off the Nintendo Switch and detach the Joy-Con controllers.
  2. Push in on both left and right rails of the Joy-Con rails on the back of the console, then pull them outwards.
  3. Detach each Joy-Con controller by pulling it away from the rails, then lifting it up.
  4. Remove any remaining parts that may have been left behind by pressing down on them until they snap off.

Extend the kickstand

The kickstand is the dainty strip on the rear of the Nintendo Switch. It opens from the lower part of the gadget. You might have to utilize a fingernail or something slender to open it. Haul it out until you hear it click.

Kickstand should be made out of a more durable material so that it can withstand more pressure and better support the weight of the console.

Fix Loose Or Broken Kickstand

Most of the time, the kickstand will stay in place until something happens to it. Usually, this something is that it becomes loose or broken. In this article, we will show you how to fix loose or broken Kickstand on Nintendo Switch.

In order to fix a loose or broken kickstand on Nintendo Switch, you will need:

  • T-shaped object (such as a screwdriver)
  • A small piece of tape

How Do You Remove a Nintendo Kickstand Switch

Removing a Nintendo kickstand switch is not as easy as it sounds. The kickstand switch is used to hold the Nintendo DS in an upright position.

The Nintendo DS has two types of kickstand switches, one that can be removed and replaced (the type that is most common) and one that cannot be removed or replaced.

How to Open Nintendo Switch Kickstand

The first step to removing the switch is to figure out which type you are dealing with. If your Nintendo DS has a removable switch, then you will need to remove the screws on the back of the system and take off the back panel.

If your Nintendo DS has a non-removable kickstand switch, then you will need to use a toothpick or other small object and remove it from its position on top of the battery pack.

Changing the Kickstand

Changing the kickstand not be for everybody. In any case, in the event that you simply believe your kickstand should look how it marked new, then the Switch Kickstand Replacement is for you. It made from Nintendo, and it’s really reasonable! A simple fix to do your Switch looks new.