How To Fast Travel in Saints Row Nintendo Switch

This guide helps you to find out how to fast travel in Saints Row. Saints Row is a game where you can do anything you want. You can fly, run up the side of buildings, and even wear hats. One of the best things you can do is fast travel, which speeds up loading time and gets you to fast.

We break down the quickest routes to fast travel in Saints Row. Follow these and you’ll be able to get anywhere in the city instantly, without any fuss.

How To Fast Travel in Saints Row

To open fast travel, you’ll have to snap a picture of every particular fast travel point. These are set apart on your guide as minimal yellow symbols with a train on them, and they’re quite simple to recognize. Assuming you drift over the symbol on the guide it’ll tell you precisely what you really want to snap a picture of to open that point, for example, Panther Rock.

The player can fast travel in Saints Row IV by finding a flight of stairs with a blue arrow pointing up at the top. Once you reach the top, you can choose from one of your unlocked safehouses or any other location that has been discovered.

How To Fast Travel in Saints Row

The first step to fast travel is to find a fast travel point. You can find these by looking for an icon on the map or an exclamation point on your screen. After finding the fast travel point, you need to go up to it and press Square/X on your controller or Enter/Return on your keyboard.

How To Take Photos

To take photos, press [D-Pad: Up] on your controller to bring up the phone’s photo mode. Next, you need to align the photo, so the guiding lines turn green. Stay far away from the subject and zoom in / zoom out as needed to make this step easier.

How To Fast Travel in Saints Row

Fast Travel Location #1: Panther Rock [West Providencia]
Fast Travel Location #2: El Dorado [El Dorado]
Fast Travel Location #3: Twin Coyote [Rojas Desert North]
Fast Travel Location #4: Cactus Bill [Lakeshore South]
Fast Travel Location #5: Bear Lake [Marina West]
Fast Travel Location #6: Lone Wolf [Badlands South]