How to Find and Defeat Apophis in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy’s huge open world we will explain you how to find and defeat Apophis in Tower of Fantasy, you can experience a plenty of foes — some more impressive than others. In the event that you’re looking to cultivate significant assets, for example, redesign materials, Matrix Chips, and more, you really want to find Advanced Password Chests dropped by World Bosses. Apophis is a World Boss you can find in Banges, the locale upper east of Astra. Here’s where to can find it.

How to Find and Defeat Apophis in Tower of Fantasy

You can find Apophis’ area in the center of Banges, southeast of Banges Omnium Tower. The most effective way to arrive at his area is by gliding your direction to it from the Banges Omnium Tower.

How to Find and Defeat Apophis in Tower of Fantasy

This beast is made by the replacements of Aida themselves to safeguard the Banges district of Aesperia Map. Apophis is a level 30 animal that can make deadly harm the in-game person with single blows. Here’s where you can find this world chief:

  • The Apophis just lives in the Banges Region and no place else.
  • Go to the Banges Factories and move up to the messy mountain close to it.
  • The mountain has a completely flawless perspective on Banges Factories from the top.
  • Apophis can be tracked down on that mountain. Furthermore, the coordinates for the areas are 464.9, 5.3.

How to Defeat

Apophis is a heartless level 30 world chief, and you ought to be essentially level at least 30 preceding engaging in a battle with him. You can battle him at prior levels, yet you should be extra cautious as he will actually want to a couple of shot you to death. Furthermore, it’s ideal to get ready for any lamentable circumstance and have food things that recuperate and buff you.

At any level, you first need to find different players who additionally need to defeat Apophis. You can do that from the World Chat or structure a group with your companions. At level 30 or underneath, it’s almost difficult to defeat Apophis just without help from anyone else, and regardless of whether you figure out how to do that, it will very time-consume.

How to Find and Defeat Apophis in Tower of Fantasy

Apophis is a Grievous-type beast in Tower of Fantasy, and that implies you and your group shouldn’t accept any Grievous things or weapons with you to battle him as he will be strong to those. Instead, take weapons and things with the Frost component since Apophis is feeble against Frost.

Find North Highlands Banges Factories in Tower of Fantasy

Apophis is situated in the North Highlands Banges Factories, around the coordinates (- 483.6, 23.1). Light up the guide using the Omnium Tower and travel south to find a clearing housing Apophis. Reference the guide beneath for its accurate area.