Where To Get Sango Pearl in Genshin Impact

Today’s short guide shows you where to get Sango Pearl in Genshin Impact. As of Genshin Impact 2.3, there are 44 Sango Pearl locations accessible in Inazuma. This nearby specialty was delivered in Version 2.1, alongside Watatsumi and Seirai Island.

Right away, players might confuse it with the Loach Pearl. Both Sango and Loach Pearl have a comparable round shape. Be that as it may, Loach Pearl has a dim/blue-ish variety and is obtainable by catching Loaches. In the mean time, Sango Pearl is pink-ish and can be gathered from the corals of Watatsumi Island. Moreover, dissimilar to the Sango ones, Loach Pearl at present has no reason in Genshin Impact.

Where To Get Sango Pearl in Genshin Impact

Where To Get Sango Pearl in Genshin Impact

You can find every one of the locations of the Sango Pearls displayed on the guide underneath, albeit some are more abnormal to reach than others. The majority of them can be tracked down on the main island, however some will be secured in regions that must be arrived at in the wake of finishing explicit undertakings.

For instance, some must be reached assuming you have drained the Suigetsu Pool, while others are secured in a space that must be gotten to during the Heart of Watatsumi mission. You don’t have to do anything exceptional to gather the Sango Pearl, basically interacting with them is sufficient. The pearls will require three days to respawn after they have been gathered. These are what the Sango Pearls resemble in game.

Four Sango Pearls can likewise be obtained by speaking with Mochizuki at the Sangonomiya Shrine interestingly. You can likewise buy this uncommon asset from Bobok, a trader in Port Osmos in the Sumeru locale. You should finish the Raiden Shoguns individual story sections to purchase these assets.

The Sango Pearls are uncommon rising materials used to climb Sangonomiya Kokomi and Gorou. These Inazuma legends are highlighted vigorously in the Heart of Watatsumi mission and must be procured in restricted occasion standards. Watch out for these uncommon assets while patrolling Inazuma.

Open An Underground Cave Through World Quest

To Get Sango Pearls situated at the east finish of Watatsumi Island, you really want to finish the world mission called The Moon-Bathed Deep. Prior to working on collecting the thing, we prescribe you to finish the world mission first.

Where To Get Sango Pearl in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sango Pearl Locations

Sango Pearls can be found on Watatsumi Island, to the furthest west of the Inazuma area. The pearls are tracked down close to water, so focus your inquiry on the lower region of the island as opposed to hilltops. Sango Pearls are likewise for the most part tracked down on the eastern side of the island. The guide above ought to take care of you.

Sango Pearls are one of the person Ascension materials expected to step up Kokomi. There don’t seem, by all accounts, to be any recipes that utilization this thing, however it damages to gathers no you run over, in the event that adjustments of future updates.