How to Complete the Hyenas’ Banges Base Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Looking for how to complete the Hyenas’ Banges Base side quest in Tower of Fantasy? Tower of Fantasy is a broad open-world MMO that is taking over the gaming scene. There is such a huge amount for players to do and interact with in the realm of Aida, including progressing a main story, side quests, and, surprisingly, raiding prisons looking for valuable high-level plunder. This prompts the player’s all’s personality movement in order to turn into the most grounded Wanderer around.

How to Complete the Hyenas’ Banges Base Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

You can find this quest on a little island west of the Signal Station Ruins. It’s elusive the specific area for the quest, so go to Spacerift: Signal Stations Ruins and afterward travel in the west bearing. Utilize your surfer to check out the ocean to find the base entry. Here you will have a Hyena watch standing, converse with him, and it will begin your side quest.

How to Complete the Hyenas' Banges Base Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Hyenas’ Banges Base Side Quest Walkthrough

While talking to the watchman at the entry, you will have two choices to express: “I’m with the Hyenas” and “I’m simply a bystander.” But choosing either of the choices won’t assist you with getting inside the base. Instead, you will get the target to search for the clues to get inside the Hyenas’ base. Yet, there won’t be any goal marking on the guide.

It could look daunting, yet it’s quite simple to search for it. To start with, go to the Banges port by quick traveling there. Here move to the upper piece of the port, and find the Banges’ Food Vendor. You can find it in a shop called Pizza Hot Fast Food.

When you arrive at the shop, search for the port watchman, Lozwall standing directly before the food seller shop. At the point when you see him, converse with him, and he will give you the clues you want to get inside the Hyenas’ base. Make a beeline for the base by quick traveling to the closest Spacerift and converse with the gatekeeper again.

Looking for Clues to Get Inside Hyena’s Base

Whenever players have advanced into the Banges locale of Aesperia, they’ll can begin the Hyena’s Banges Base quest. As players continue on in this quest, they’ll arrive at a point where they should “search for clues to get inside Hyena’s Base.” Here’s how to complete that step.

How to Complete the Hyenas' Banges Base Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy

Get Back to Banges

Players who’ve arrived at this point in the Hyena’s Banges Base quest need to get back to Banges to advance. When there, talk with Lozwall, a Port Guard robot found at the Banges Dock.

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