Where is Brooklyn in BitLife

Peoples search for where is Brooklyn in BitLife. BitLife is a game that reproduces life’s challenges, and allows players to settle on the best decisions for them. You begin your life from birth and work through adulthood by making the decisions that you feel are awesome for life’s twists and turns. You can likewise finish various challenges that expect players to brought into the world specifically region of the world. Brooklyn is one of the spots where you can be conceived, yet it isn’t the case simple to get to from the outset.

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife

To find Brooklyn in BitLife, you simply have to fire another life and open up the nation choice. Look down and afterward pick United States. Presently, open up the spot choice and look down to find Brooklyn!

On the off chance that you haven’t known about Brooklyn, a ward of New York City can tracked down in the United States of America. It is perhaps of the most populated region in the province of New York.

That is everything you want to be aware of where to find Brooklyn in BitLife! If you have any desire to study the game, look at every one of our aides in the BitLife segment of the site.

How to Find Brooklyn in BitLife

It’s genuinely simple to get to Brooklyn. You simply need to:

Press the image with three even lines at the top right of the home screen.

  • Pick New life.
  • Open the nation probability
  • Click on United States from the listed choices.
  • Pick Arrow in the top left corner of this screen.
  • Open the urban areas choice in this menu.
  • Click on Brooklyn from the listed choices.

It is great to realize that the nation and city choices are normally list in sequential request, this permits you to find them all the more effectively, similarly, it ought to notice that there is the chance of creating your own customize city to conceive, if the city can Being extensive inaccessible, it is important to deal with waiting until an update can arise.

Where is Brooklyn in BitLife

Judge the Judy Challenge

The principal task in the Judge the Judy Challenge is to be brought into the world as a female in Brooklyn, and it is something that players should address during character creation. All the more explicitly, fanatics of life sim games ought to make a female person, select the United States as their nation, and afterward select Brooklyn as their starting spot. Eminently, starting with a person that has high Looks and Smarts can extremely useful for this challenge, however it is not stringently need.