How To Complete the Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the mike is magical challenge in BitLife. The weekend is here, as is the Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife. This weekend’s challenge will have you center around numerous errands that you really want to complete in a single life and you will have restricted opportunity to deal with it. We suggest launching another person and starting over to chip away at this challenge. In this aide, we will cover how to complete every one of the assignments in Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife.

How To Complete the Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife

How To Complete the Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife

These are each of the assignments you should do to complete the Mike is Magical Challenge.

  • Be brought into the world in Tampa
  • Turn into a male stripper for quite a long time
  • Dance at a club 15+ times
  • Do three distinct kinds of drugs
  • Stop stripping to turn into a carpenter

The principal thing you should accomplish for this challenge is to have a male person start their life in Tampa. You can do this by scrolling through the different United States urban communities and selecting Tampa.

Whenever you’ve done that, the following stage is to advance through life and increase your Looks and Health however much as could be expected on the grounds that your personality should turn into a stripper. You can do this by making sound propensities, for example, walking, working out, having a decent eating routine out of secondary school, and afterward going to the hairstyling salon to deal with your personality.

Under the Sea Challenge

The Under the Sea Challenge’s most memorable errand is to be conceived a female in Denmark, and completing it is however straightforward as making a person that may be female and is brought into the world in Denmark. From that point, life sim game players ought to progress in years up until they gain admittance to Vocal Lessons through the Activities tab, and they ought to take part in those examples until they accomplish a 100 percent Voice expertise. Strikingly, Vocal Lessons cost cash once a person arrives at 18, which is the reason focusing on them early is suggest.

How to Get Rewards

Here are the main states of the challenge:

  • A person should be a male from the US.
  • Your BitLife video requirements to become a web sensation.
  • You should live for over 50 years without uploading more than one BitLife video, aside from the one that has become viral.
  • Your YouTube channel should arrive at 3 million.

How To Complete the Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife

Finally, to get begun, first select the male orientation and nation of birth, United States. You can likewise utilize an existing person, but since of the third condition, making another one is better.