How To Unlock All Exotic Weapons in The Division 2

Find out the fastest way how to unlock all Exotic Weapons in The Division 2. This text guide will show you how to unlock all these great weapons with ease.

In this guide, you will find out how to unlock best exotic weapons.

How To Unlock All Exotic Weapons in The Division 2

How To Unlock All Exotic Weapons in The Division 2

  1. First of all, you need to complete the main storyline and reach level 30. This unlocks the Dark Zone.
  2. You also need to reach level 30 in order to unlock the Dark Zone Underground. This is where you can find all the exotic weapons in The Division 2.
  3. You will also need one exotic blueprint for each weapon that you want to unlock. To get these blueprints, you need to kill a boss from the Dark Zone Underground and loot them from their chests or from their bodies after they die.
  4. After completing these two steps, go back into your inventory and open up your Weapon Crafting menu by pressing ‘X’.
  5. Choose which weapon

Top Three Exotic Weapons in The Division 2

We will be discussing the top three exotic weapons in the game. These weapons have different stats and abilities that make them unique from the other weapons in the game.

There are many exotic weapons in The Division 2, but these three have stood out from the rest due to their uniqueness and effectiveness on the battlefield.

  • Bullet King
  • Big Horn
  • Lady Death

Unlock Bullet King

Bullet King is a new division that was added to Division 2. It is unlocked after finishing the game on any difficulty. The player must collect keys to unlock and enter the Bullet King division.

The player can earn keys by completing the missions, which are available in the map, and through crates that are scattered throughout the map. The keys can also be earned by completing daily challenges or weekly challenges.

You can unlock Bullet King after they complete the main story campaign. The steps to unlock him are as follows:

  • Complete the main story campaign
  • Complete the side missions of The Division 2

Unlock Bighorn

In order to unlock the Bighorn, you must first complete the main story mission ‘The Division 2’.

At the end of the mission, you will have to make a choice on what faction to side with. If you side with the Last Man Battalion, then you will be able to unlock Bighorn.

How To Unlock All Exotic Weapons in The Division 2

Unlock Lady Death

Lady Death is a new character in The Division 2. To unlock her, players need to complete the campaign and reach level 30.

  1. Complete the main story and the Dark Zone story missions.
  2. Complete all of the side missions in The Division 2.
  3. Reach level 30, unlock World Tier 5 and complete the main story mission “Point of No Return”.
  4. Reach level 50, unlock World Tier 7 and complete “The Final Mission” in The Division 2.
  5. Unlock World Tier 8 and complete “The Final Mission” again.

The Division 2 Exotic Weapons Locations

The Division 2 has a lot of different weapons that can be used for different combat scenarios. When you start the game, you will only have access to four weapons: an assault rifle, a shotgun, a submachine gun and a pistol. The game also has eight different weapon types: pistols, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and LMGs. There are three types of exotic weapons in the Division 2:

  • Assault Rifles- these are high-end weapons that are very versatile and powerful. They are available at level 30 or higher.
  • Sniper Rifles- these can used to take down enemies from long distances with precision shots. They can also equipped with suppressors to reduce noise and muzzle flash to make it harder for enemies

How do you get Exotics in the Summit

The summit Division 2 is a very competitive game mode. You have to be in the top five of the leaderboard for your team to get exotics. But, there are ways to get exotics without being at the top of the leaderboard.

There are two ways you can get exotics:

  • You can buy them with credits and coins.
  • You can trade them with other players on the marketplace