This is How Dutch Reacts in Red Dead Redemption 2 if Arthur Donates $10 Million to Camp

One inquisitive Red Dead Redemption 2 player chose to finally find out the response to an inquiry that has tormented the minds of numerous gamers: how might Dutch respond assuming that Arthur Morgan gave a lot of cash to the Camp? Dutch van der Linde is quite possibly of the main person in Red Dead Redemption 2, acting as the head of the bandit group home to Arthur Morgan, the main protagonist of the game.

During Red Dead Redemption 2’s initial parts, Dutch acts like a mentor to a few significant characters and helps them out of many convoluted circumstances. Dutch additionally offers numerous pieces of wisdom to Arthur all through his various lines of discourse. Starting in Section 2, players can give cash to the main posse camp, in return for a little honor support and thankful remarks from Dutch.

TikTok client amichelo posted a video of Arthur donating $10 Million to the camp, complete with Dutch’s response. Normally, numerous RDR2 players were interested to realize what occurs, particularly since not many had given enormous aggregates as the prizes for contributing are very insignificant. It just so happens, Dutch’s reaction to the signal is exceptionally vexing, as he offers Arthur a nonexclusive “That is my kid!”

Dutch’s reaction was extremely disappointing, particularly seeing how Red Dead Redemption 2 has been praised by pundits for its vivid world and careful scrupulousness. One of the main plot points of the game is Dutch’s posse’s steady quest for abundance in request for all the gangsters to move to Tahiti and carry on with a simple and fulfilling life. This is maybe one of the game’s greatest instances of ludonarrative dissonance, as RDR2’s story and ongoing interaction components don’t exactly fit together as well as they ought to.

In any case, even notwithstanding its shortcomings, Red Dead Redemption 2 regardless prevails with regards to giving gamers a compelling and vivid experience. The game’s huge open world feels invigorated and is bustling with numerous exercises like foraging, fishing, or even abundance hunting. The plot of the game is likewise important, featuring elegantly composed characters and a gripping story, which many accept could make an interpretation of well to a television series.

Indeed, even still, Rockstar chose to leave the arrival of any extra post-game downloadable substance for Red Dead Redemption 2, maybe to zero in on bringing more updates to Fabulous Burglary Auto Online, which is Rockstar’s greatest business achievement. RDR2 actually has figured out how to sell north of 50 million duplicates up to this point, a gigantic estimation of effect in the gaming industry.