The new Pwnage StormBreaker Gaming Mouse is now available to order

One of the main pieces of any PC gamer’s stockpile is their decision of a gaming mouse. Pwnage reported their most recent super lightweight gaming mouse for those hoping to update or dig into new territory. StormBreaker comes in tipping the scales at 51g, presenting to a 14% expansion in a player’s speed and exactness. An assortment of variety choices are available by means of, with costs beginning at $169.

The new Pwnage StormBreaker Gaming Mouse is now available to order

“There is no other gaming mouse available that can match StormBreaker’s customized responsiveness, control, precision and speed for cutthroat games,” said Henry Lai, President, Pwnage. “StormBreaker is a magnesium combination gaming magnum opus; raising the bar for what is conceivable in a gaming mouse and is poised to be the mouse of decision for gamers of all expertise levels – from novice to proficient.”

StormBreaker is furnished with the most recent developments in execution gaming innovation to furnish gamers with a new norm of gaming responsiveness. Demonstrated 0.6ms normal snap idleness with remote 2000Hz by means of LDAT testing, the StormBreaker is a rare example of least on the planet. Architected with the most developed MCU, sensor, and High velocity Surveying Rate Recipient Pyramid, StormBreaker offers zero slack remote, and genuine 2000Hz surveying rate; twofold the standard 1000Hz, permitting gamers extreme reaction time and following, crucial components in any gaming rivalry or challenge.

With a battery duration of as long as 120 hours, it rapidly charges in 60-an hour and a half. Gamers can be sure that their mouse will convey from the outset of the game until the end. StormBreaker is designed with painstakingly chosen materials and industry-driving weight enhancements to give gamers really elite execution. With an exceptional look and feel, great ergonomic shape, high-strength/high-sturdiness configuration, really low idleness clicks, zero slack remote tech, lightweight structure factor and licensed sensor customization includes, the mission for a definitive gaming mouse is finished.

Gamers can customize the vibe of StormBreaker by choosing among its available shades of dark, white, red, olive, mint, blue and dim, and furthermore pick among different hold tones and “feet” on the bottom of the mouse. The mouse accompanies a one-year guarantee and 30-day unconditional promise.