Pikmin 4: How to Find the Blue Onion

In this useful guide you can figure out in Pikmin 4: how to find the Blue Onion. One of the earliest Onion types that Pikmin 4 players can find is the Blue Onion. This is the way fans can find this Onion and begin raising Blue Pikmin.

Numerous Nintendo Switch fans probably encountered the Pikmin series interestingly through Pikmin 4, which we considered a brilliant starting point for new fans looking to get into this tomfoolery, procedure series.

These Onions offer players an extraordinary method for raising Pikmin of various variety types for all time, without the need to depend on finding them in the wild in Caverns. Thus, this is the way players can find the Blue Onion in Pikmin 4 and begin raising their Blue Pikmin populace.

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Pikmin 4: How to Find the Blue Onion

Pikmin 4: Blue Onion in Sun-Speckled Terrace

Pikmin 4: How to Find the Blue Onion

The primary area players can find the Blue Onion in Pikmin 4 is in the principal level, the Sun-Speckled Terrace. The Blue Onion is situated across a genuinely huge lake at the top of an edge.

The biggest obstruction to getting the Blue Onion is how much Ice Pikmin required, as you will require somewhere around 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze this lake. Fortunately, Ice Pikmin can undoubtedly be found in certain caverns like the Last-Ice Cave and the Aquiferous Highest point, both situated in the Sun-Speckled Terrace.

Fans will likewise need to gather enough Flarlic to hold no less than 50 Pikmin as the Blue Onion will require 20 Pikmin to convey it.

When players have their numbers prepared, now is the right time to get the Blue Onion. In the first place, freeze the lake with 30 Ice Pikmin. Then, have you Pikmin assemble the climbable wall on the left half of the lake. When the wall is constructed, climb it and rout the Searing Blowhog guarding the Blue Onion.

Finally, have your remaining Pikmin convey the Blue Onion across the ice to gather it and integrate it into the Main Onion. You can also read about how to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe from here.

Pikmin 4: Blue Onion in Serene Shores

Pikmin 4: How to Find the Blue Onion

On the off chance that players select to skirt the Blue Onion in the Sun-Speckled Terrace, there’s another choice a couple of levels later. The second Blue Onion is locate in the third level, the Serene Shores.

This Blue Onion is a piece more straightforward to get yet will require taking on a ton of foes. After landing, players ought to travel east from the starting region and begin climbing the sandy slope leading up to the monster sandcastle.

Armored Cannon Larva

After taking out the Armored Cannon Larva foes en route, players ought to find another base area at the top of the sand palace. Make your new base here and construct the climbable wall to one side.

Once constructed, players ought to find the Blue Onion sitting in a shallow pool of water, and that implies you will require no less than 20 Blue Pikmin to return it to base. Fortunately, fans can find wild Blue Pikmin in the caverns all through the subsequent level, Blossoming Shangri-la, to uncover this Blue Onion.