Petition to make Starfield a PS5 exclusive started by desperate gamers, fails spectacularly

Petition to make Starfield a PS5 exclusive started by desperate gamers, fails spectacularly

There are not many things more disappointing than finding out that a game you really want to play isn’t going to be releasing on any platforms you own. Worse still is the point at which the game in question is an exclusive which has literally no way of truly making its way to any various consoles, and you simply have to watch all the incredible trailers get revealed knowing that you will not have the option to join in on the good times.

There’s no question that a lot of individuals are feeling this right now with Starfield. Bethesda’s massive space-exploration RPG is releasing exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC in September, meaning that those on different consoles should miss out. Obviously, this is indistinguishable to the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Lord of War Ragnarök releasing solely on Switch and PS4/PS5, respectively, however that’s not stopped some gamers from launching a last-minute petition in an attempt to get Starfield on Sony’s console… exclusively.

As revealed by DualShockers, the petition was started on last week, and has so far managed to gain 872 signatures. The creator stated that “Xbox and its 12 dedicated players don’t deserve Starfield or any exclusivity”, and added: “Unless you want to see Starfield fail and be the buggiest worse mess possible, YOU Really want to have it on PlayStation.”

Obviously, regardless of whether this petition wound up with thousands of signatures, there’s absolutely no possibility that Bethesda would drop all its plans to bring the game to Xbox in favor of it being on PS5 – it’s far too profound into its advancement for that. It’s also significant that although some of the signatures have been added to seriously support the cause, the majority of ‘supporters’ appear to have signed simply to make fun of the situation, as indicated by the comments tracked down in the ‘reasons for signing’ section.

Starfield is playable early, here’s how you can jump in

Who’s invigorated for Starfield? Bethesda’s open-world (or universe, I guess?) space-exploration RPG will arrive in just a couple of months, at which point gamers everywhere will probably disappear from all social settings for at least several weeks. I can’t say I blame anyone who plans to do as such.

Starfield has felt like bound to happen, yet it’ll finally be releasing exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC (sorry, PS5 fans) on 6 September. Assuming that each day without Todd Howard’s latest creation feels like agony however, fear not. As Game Rant reports, it’s been affirmed that there’s an official way to plunge into the game sooner than every other person