Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has 10 new suit cosmetics - but only with a deluxe pre-order

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has 10 new suit cosmetics – but only with a deluxe pre-order

Marvels’ Spider-Man 2 has 10 unlockable suits exclusive to Digital Deluxe Version pre-order copies of the game, as well as variety variants for each.

Creative chief Bryan Intihar affirmed in a meeting (via Marvel) that non-standard Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 pre-orders, meaning Digital Deluxe Version or Gatherer’s Release pre-orders only, will give “some early unlocks to the suits” and their variety variants.

These incorporate Peter’s mohawk-bested Apunkalyptic Suit, Miles’ pink-accented Tokusatsu Suit that riffs off the Power Rangers esthetic, and “two suits that have capes.”

We were confident that “early unlocks” construed the suits may be available in standard copies while playing through organically, but designer Insomniac affirmed (via Twitter) that these 10 cosmetic items are “exclusive to the DDE [Deluxe Digital Edition]” version.

As one of the most-anticipated forthcoming Marvel games being developed, it stands to reason that many are eager to see the web-slinging dual-protagonists suited and booted in never-before-seen style, and pre-ordering the game is the only way to make it happen. Not exclusively can Digital Deluxe Version buyers expect one caped suit cosmetic for Peter and Miles respectively, each featuring snazzy “web-wings”, but Intihar says he’s most amped up for the variety variants.

“And that’s for the majority of our suits,” he says. “We have these variety variants now, which is new to customization. So you actually get to open a suit, but then, at that point, you also get the variants that we offer.” It’s just one way we can make the most of Spider-Man 2’s Photograph Mode, he says, so “individuals will really have a great deal of uniqueness too when they post stuff on the web.”

Those who have already pre-ordered standard versions of the game can upgrade to Digital Deluxe for $10 to gain access to all 10 suit cosmetics, Photograph Mode frames, and three exclusive skill points when Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20, 2023.