Know How to Get Emeralds in Minecraft

Know How to Get Emeralds in Minecraft

In this tutorial we will show you how to get Emeralds in Minecraft. Emeralds in Minecraft serve as a valuable and sought-after currency, offering players a versatile means of trade with villagers for various goods and services. Found primarily in mountain biomes as emerald ore, these green gemstones can be mined using iron or diamond pickaxes. Additionally, emeralds can be obtained through battling pillagers, fishing, exploring dungeons, and trading with wandering traders. Their scarcity and utility make emeralds a valuable resource, encouraging players to embark on diverse adventures to acquire and utilize them strategically in their Minecraft worlds.

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Know How to Get Emeralds in Minecraft

Know How to Get Emeralds in Minecraft

To obtain emeralds in Minecraft, venture into mountain biomes and mine emerald ore with an iron or diamond pickaxe. Engage with villagers in villages, particularly librarians, to trade various items for emeralds. Pillagers, found near outposts, may drop emeralds when defeated, offering an alternative method. Additionally, try your luck with fishing, as emeralds can be occasionally obtained while reeling in catches. Explore dungeons and temples to uncover chests containing emeralds, or encounter wandering traders for diverse trade opportunities. With a combination of mining, trading, combat, and exploration, you can amass emeralds to enhance your Minecraft experience.


In how to get Emeralds in Minecraft, Emerald ore can be found in mountain biomes. Mine the emerald ore blocks with an iron or diamond pickaxe to collect emeralds.


Villagers, found in villages, can offer emeralds as part of their trading system. Different villagers offer different trades. Some villagers, known as Librarians, have a higher chance of offering emeralds.

Killing Pillagers

Pillagers are hostile mobs that may drop emeralds when defeated. These mobs can be found in and around Pillager Outposts.


There is a chance of getting emeralds while fishing. Use a fishing rod to catch fish, and occasionally Find and Use Copper, you may reel in enchanted books or other valuable items, including emeralds.


Explore dungeons, temples, and other generated structures to find chests. These chests may contain emeralds among other items.

Trading with Wandering Traders

Wandering Traders spawn randomly in the world and offer various trades, including emeralds. You can find them wandering around your Minecraft world.

Remember that emeralds are a valuable resource in Minecraft, often used for trading with villagers for rare and useful items. Utilize a combination of these methods to gather emeralds based on your preferred playstyle.

How to Get Emeralds in Minecraft from Villagers

To acquire emeralds from villagers in Minecraft, engage with the trading system by locating a village. Within the village, specific villagers, such as librarians, offer trades that include emeralds. Initially, gather or farm renewable resources like crops, livestock, or crafted items. Approach the chosen villager and right-click (or use the respective interaction key on your platform) to open the trading interface. Browse through the available trades, offering the designated items in exchange for emeralds. As you progress, more trades will unlock, expanding the possibilities for obtaining emeralds by trading with villagers.

Minecraft Emerald Ore Level

In Minecraft, emerald ore generates in mountain biomes, and its distribution occurs between levels 1 and 32 in the Overworld. This means that players can find emerald ore blocks at various depths below the surface while mining. To efficiently locate emerald ore, it’s advisable to explore cave systems or mineshafts within mountainous regions, using an iron or diamond pickaxe to mine the blocks. Keep in mind that while the ore is relatively rare, it can be a rewarding resource, as each mined emerald ore block drops one emerald.