How to Get to Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

Looking for how to get to Dragon communion in Elden Ring? We’ve put forth a valiant effort to make a series of draconic enchantments that can be purchased with Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring. To purchase these amulets, you must head out to either the Congregation or the Cathedral of the Dragon Fellowship, his two deserted buildings that house the Dragon’s Altar.

This guide will assist you with locating how to get to Dragon communion in Elden Ring. This allows you to learn harsh spells and unleash your anger on your foes.

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How to Get to Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

How to Get to Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

The Cathedral of the Dragon’s Communion is a ruined cathedral in the Elden Ring in southwestern Cayrid. The easiest method for getting to the Dragon’s Communion Cathedral is to head to the Caelid Parkway South Site of Elegance and follow the main street east until you arrive at a crossroads.

Church of the Communion of Dragons is situated in Elden Ring. The Congregation of the Communion of Dragons is situated in Rimgrave and must be arrived at by going through the subterranean depths of Coastal Cavern.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion

To find more Draconic Summons, you want to go to Caelid’s Rotten Lands. Adventure along the South Coast, where Star Scourge meets Ladarn.Once you find Castle Redmayne, you can travel south past the Caryid Parkway South Sight of Elegance. There you will find the Cathedral of the Communion of the Dragon. You can also learn about Get Golden Scarab from here.


  • Flying Dragon Agheel
  • Flying Dragon Greyll
  • Elder Dragon Greyoll
  • Borealis, the Freezing Fog
  • Decaying Ekzykes
  • Glintstone Dragon Smarag
  • Glintstone Dragon Adula
  • Two Magma Wyrms
  • Magma Wyrm Makar

How to Get to Dragon Communion in Elden Ring

Best Dragon Communions

Placidusax’s Ruin is Elden Ring summon. Placidusax’s Ruin Spell summons the head of Placidusax and unleashes a devastating breath fueled by old energies.

Ekzykes’ Decay can obtained by turning in Dragon Hearts at the cathedral south of the Caelid area.

Rotten Breath can obtained from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in the southern Caelid district by giving him 1 Dragon Heart. You don’t need to kill a specific dragon to open and purchase this summon.

Glitterstone Breath is an aggressive Dragon Summon of the Elden Ring that can be traded at Caelid’s Cathedral of the Dragon Communion. One of the mantras of the Dragon Communion. Transforms you into a supernatural breathing dragon. Charging will broaden the length.

Theodorix’s magma can obtained by him surrendering 2 Dragon Hearts at the Cathedral of the Dragon’s Communion, south of the Cayrid area.

Altar Not Working Bug

Nobody knows why the Elden Ring Dragon Altar is not working for some players. It’s entirely possible it’s a bug, however the suggestion is that you need to access it at some point in request to enact it. suggests that Visit when it’s not raining to see assuming the dragon altar works. Other players guarantee that the Dragon Altar must examined around evening time for it to work.

Dragon Communion Seal

The Seal of the Dragon Sacrament is almost toward the beginning of the game comparable to the area. You’ll need to return to where your excursion in The Lands Between first started in Stranded Memorial park.
Dragon’s Communion Sigil area is Legend’s Tomb in his Fringefolk, the first prison Tarnished goes through. The entry to the Sepulcher is close to the Stranded Burial ground Site of Beauty.

Needless to say, the Dragon Communion Sigil is design to upgrade your dragon summoning. Consequently, it tends to be an exceptionally useful sigil for those looking to dive into both Obscure and Confidence. It is also one of the early sigils and one of the most remarkable early game sigils in Elden Ring.