How To View Your Friends’ Lockers in Splatoon 3

This guide teaches you how to view your friends’ lockers in Splatoon 3. New to the Splatoon series, Splatoon 3 players can now customize their very own locker with a lot of charming little trinkets bought from Concordance’s Corner store, otherwise known as Hotlantis. By heading into the game’s locker room, players can see and customize their locker and take a look at other players’ lockers for inspiration.

This Splatoon 3 aide will show players how to view your friends’ lockers in Splatoon 3 and where to find enhancements for the locker.

How To View Your Friends' Lockers in Splatoon 3

How To View Your Friends’ Lockers in Splatoon 3

At the point when you go into the locker room in the Anteroom in Splatoon 3, yours will continuously be in similar area to one side of the arrangement of lockers straightforwardly before you. As you cycle through the other lockers in this space, you will see irregular players that you have as of late played with on that equivalent wall as yours and to the arrangement of lockers on the left. To view your friends’ lockers, advance toward the set on the right side wall.

There are a few limitations to viewing your friends’ lockers in the game. To begin with, ensure you have Post Show in the Other part of Settings turned On.

Additionally, your friends need to have interacted with the locker room no less than once for them to show up here. While possibly insufficient friends have customized their locker, more arbitrary players from around the game will show up along the line here. From what we have seen, however, this line of lockers will continuously have your friends in plain view here.

Assuming you have an adequate number of friends to occupy the locker room, they may possibly consistently show up generally around the room, yet we just have a couple of friends on our rundown that have opened the locker room, so we can not verify or refute that.

How To View Your Friends' Lockers in Splatoon 3

Customizing Your Locker With Style in Splatoon 3

It ought to be noticed that before you can customize your locker and access its whole elements, you will have to initially arrive at level four so make certain to finish some online matches and begin leveling up rapidly. You could bring along probably the most impressive weapons in the game to speed things up much more.

Customize It With The Stuff You Have Obtained

The locker can unreservedly customized with the items that you have obtained in the game. There are eight unique components that can be customized, and every item can be bought in Legend Mode or at stores like the General Shop.

Cool Lockers Will Get Fresh Likes

You can view the lockers of other players that you have matched in the game, and you can hit the Fresh button if at any point you like their lockers’ plans! In like manner, you can likewise get something similar if at any time the player likes your locker.