How To Get the Mechbird Head in Tower of Fantasy

In this short tutorial we will show you how to get the Mechbird Head in Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world RPG set in a cutting edge timeline where players are entrusted with exploring universes and completing missions. Being an open-world game, the vast majority of the universes included in Tower of Fantasy are very tremendous and brimming with content. Getting from one far off area to the other across certain universes can be very tedious, which is the reason the game makes it somewhat more straightforward.

How To Get the Mechbird Head in Tower of Fantasy

How To Get the Mechbird Head in Tower of Fantasy

The Mechbird Head must be obtained as a discretionary prize from participating in Tower of Fantasy’s Road of Strife event. In this event, which runs from September 1 to September 15, players contend in a progression of difficulties to procure an event-just cash known as Star Coarseness. This Star Coarseness must be utilized to trade for products within the event’s store, referred to in-game as the Aidan Bootleg market.

The difficulties highlighted in Road of Strife shift from multi week to another concerning objective and level of challenge. The principal week, Stellarway Difference, highlights bunch PvM in the type of multiplayer supervisor surges, bomb defusal instances, and charging towers with batteries. The subsequent week, partitioned into Orienteering and the Pairs Uber Field, highlights cutthroat difficulties in land-based mount racing and PvP battle, separately.

The Mechbird Head is promoted within this store, sold at a cost of 1,000 Star Coarseness. However, you can procure a limit of 1,200 Star Coarseness each day. This intends that, in request to procure the other three bits of the Mechbird, you’ll have to stay aware of the event and acquire however much everyday Star Coarseness as could reasonably be expected.

How To Get the Mechbird Head in Tower of Fantasy

Joining the Road Strife Event

Mechbird parts must be obtained from the Road of Strife Event, which is live from 09/01/2022 to 09/15/2022.

The event will have three stages: Orienteering, Stellarway Disparity, and Super Field. Doing these events will remunerate players with star corn meal which can utilized in return for Mechbird parts.

Event Stage 1

First event has 3 different Stage Stellarway Dissimilarity, Orienteering, and Pairs Super Field it expected Drifter basically level 21 to participating in this event.

Event Stage 2

Second Event will begin at eighth september 2022. Very much like stage 1 you really want to finish mission to get Star Coarseness stage 1 you can trade Mechbird Head and Torse.

Stage 2 Aidan Bootleg market will open more things now you can get 2 additional parts Mechbird legs, and Center every one of this part cost 1000 Star Coarseness.