How to Use Onyx in BG3

In this article we will show you how to use Onyx in BG3. Looting is one of the essential delights of any Prisons and Winged serpents mission, and that includes the virtual D&D experience in Baldur’s Entryway 3. However, it’s not generally clear what to do with certain things, particularly gemstones like onyx.

As you wander around Faerun, you’ll experience a wide range of things and ingredients. Some, similar to parchments, weapons, and camp supplies, are really direct in their uses. Others are a piece more subtle, similar to that large number of gemstones that continue to wind up in your inventory. Assuming you’re wondering what to do with that onyx you’ve been hoarding, here’s everything you really want to be aware.

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How to Use Onyx in BG3

How to Use Onyx in BG3

What is Onyx in BG3?

Onyx is a rare example of gemstones you’ll experience in your excursion through Faerun. Here are the essential insights regarding the thing:

  • Appearance: Smooth, round dark gemstone with a touch of shimmer to it
  • Weight: 0.01kg/0.02 lbs
  • Base Worth: 35 gold

In the same way of how to use Onyx in BG3 as other things, there’s some tasty enlightening text you’ll see when you select the thing in your inventory. For onyx, this portrayal peruses: “It’s said when Shar strolls upon the earth, she abandons a way of onyx her.”

This dim stone being related with the Woman of Night herself certainly seems OK, however it might likewise make players puzzle over whether this is only a great story or a hint that you can use it to collect lean toward with the Goddess. You can also read our latest guide about Minecraft from here.

Where Do You Find Onyx in BG3?

Onyx is normal and will commonly be tracked down lying about in chests, or as stylistic theme in different rooms you investigate.

As a typical thing, it’s not especially hard to find. That implies you’ll probably wind up with some in your inventory assuming you’re consistently poking around spots and looting everything and everybody.

What Should You Do With Onyx in BG3?

How to Use Onyx in BG3

A few of us live in feeling of dread toward coincidentally selling off something critical that would do well to use, so we should investigate the most ideal way to use any onyx sitting in your personality’s inventory.

Trading or bartering are two essential uses for gemstones like onyx in Baldur’s Door 3. They aren’t otherwise use in crafting or speculative chemistry how to use Onyx in BG3, so their main allure is in earning you gold to gain other useful things.

Gemstones can be useful to throw in while you’re bartering to level out the proposal without sacrificing a thing that might have been useful for your party later on. With brokers, onyx sells at a moderately significant expense contrasted and their convey weight, so they’re likewise useful assuming you’re short on the gold you really want for that extraordinary thing you’ve been eyeing.

Onyx will for the most part get you around 35 gold for every diamond, which isn’t terrible given that it gauges a simple part of a small portion of a pound. Remember that every dealer has their own worth framework depending on their disposition towards you and how liberal they’re feeling in how to use Onyx in BG3, so your situation will be unique depending on who you sell or trade with.

Since there isn’t exactly one more in-game use for the stone, you can securely offer it to procure coins to buy that extravagant protection or mixture you’ve been eyeing.