How to Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring

Here you can find out how to get to the bird farm in Elden Ring. Runes are an integral part of passing the Elden Ring. It takes a lot of items to get the most expensive items like spells, weapons, armor, cookbooks and more. Now I can play the game normally and get runes, but it gives me too much time and takes too much time. This guide will show you where Bird Rune Farm is in the Elden Ring.

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How to Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring

How to Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring

There are two ways to get to the new farm at Mogwin Palace in the Old Circle. First, players can access the consecrated snowfields at the top of Giant’s Mountain. Travelers find a boarding gate here and teleport to the farm. Meanwhile, you can also access Mogwyn Palace by completing Varre’s questline.

Elden Ring Giant Bird Rune Farm Location

As mentioned earlier, Rune Farm is located in Mokwon Palace, and there are two ways to get there. If you’ve made enough progress in the game and have already unlocked the top of Giant Mountain, you can easily enter the Moquin Palace through the portal. You can find the portal by going to the location shown on the map below. After passing through the portal, you will face a boss in the passage. Ignore this and keep walking until you reach Mokwon Palace.

But if you haven’t reached Giant’s Peak yet, you’ll need to kill Godric the Grafted first, but there’s still a way to get to the palace. He is the second boss of the Stormvale Castle campaign. After defeating him, you should start the White-faced Varre quest chain. This is the same NPC we talked about earlier in the game when entering Limgrave. Yes, the one who called you “homeless”! After defeating Godric, he will be at the Rose Church in Liurnia by the lake.

Golden Scarab Talisman

The golden scarab, the talisman of the ancient ring, is not required for the rune farming process, but it enhances rune mining as it increases the number of runes you get from all sources by 20%. However, getting this item can be tricky as you will have to travel to Callidus, a very difficult area, and defeat two Pure Rot Knight bosses in the Abandoned Cave. Due to its difficulty, you will have to wait a bit before trying it, but it speeds up your rune collection a lot.

How to Get to the Bird Farm in Elden Ring

Moghwyn’s Palace Bird Farm

The richest rune growth points in the game are actually endgame areas, but you can access them much quicker if you fully complete Varre’s quest. This particular farm location has been dubbed by the Elden Ring Bird Farm community due to the fact that you have to kill certain crows over and over again.

When you first enter the open world, talk to Barre first. He will stand right in front of you. After that you have to track him to a new location in Lurnia, but first kill Godric in Stormveil and then talk to Reader Seeker in Round Table Keep. You can read the importance of Lightning Spear from here.

Can You Get to Mogh Without Varre

If you killed Varre or don’t want to complete his quest, you can still go to Mogwyn Palace and defeat Mog. It takes much longer. You need to collect the Haligtri medallion halves and use Rold’s Great Lift to get to Sacred Snowfield. Head northwest from the Yelough Anix Site of Grace and you’ll find a teleport covered in blood.

How Do You Get 5000 Runes From Trolls

It might be safer to fight 2 trolls pulling the caravan (and enemies behind it), but there is a point where you can fight 5 trolls at once while driving through Rimgrave West on the main road to the gate . Only 5000 runes (1000 runes per troll).