How to Get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

Finding Golden Scarab is very important to go ahead and in this guide we wil show you how to get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring. The Golden Scarab Talisman of the Elden Ring increases rune yields, but must be obtained by defeating Cleanrot Knights in Caelid’s Abandoned Caverns. So don’t go like that. Still, it’s worth fighting for! As tough as the Cleanlot Knight, the Golden Scarab Talisman powers the runes of the Elden Ring. Therefore, we will tell you in detail where to find the Golden Scarab Amulet.

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How to Get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

The Talisman of the Golden Scarab can be obtained by defeating the two bosses at the end of the Cave of Lost Kallisos. However, getting into this dungeon is a bit tricky, just like the cave itself.

How to Get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

Caelida’s Smoldering Wall of Grace Go to the nearest cliff to the east. There you’ll find a branch you can follow to reach a cave that’s pretty well hidden in the rocks opposite. It’s an abandoned cave and it sucks. It’s really bad.

Golden Scarab Location

Abandoned Cave is an Elden Ring dungeon (opens in a new tab) located in Kaelida where the boss drops a golden scarab.
: You can enter the dungeon at the Smoldering Wall of Grace along the Caelid main road. Head east until you reach the gorge, then south. You will see a broken tree crossing a chasm and you will need to use it as a bridge to get through.

This dungeon isn’t very big, but it has Scarlet Rot pools and lots of toxic enemies. Geysers can also cause damage when they erupt, so be careful. Upon completion, you will have to fight a boss called a pair of Pure Rot Knights.

How to Get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

Clear The Dungeon

If you go to the end of the dungeon, you will have to fight a boss. Yes, the boss avenges. In fact, they’re forcing you to work on that scarab. There are two Pure Rot knights. One holds a sword, the other a spear. We recommend using Spirit Call here. Especially for the Lone Wolves, it gives them a numerical advantage. These knights can also do rot damage, so don’t forget to increase your meter when they hit you. Defeat both knights and get the Golden Scarab Talisman!

Number of Golden Scarabs

The next 12 scarabs can be found in the Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula regions.

  • Agheel Lake Bridge Scarab
  • Limgrave Beach Scarab
  • Church of Dragon Communion Scarab
  • Stormveil Castle Main Gate Scarab
  • Northeast Ruin Scarab
  • Artist Shack Scarab
  • Third Church of Marika Scarab
  • East Limgrave Minor Erdtree Scarab
  • Ruined Caravan Scarab
  • Tombsward Ruins Scarab
  • Weeping Peninsula Poison Field Scarab
  • Stormveil Castle Scarab

Value of Gold Scarab

Runes are an integral part of the Elden Ring experience and help you buy items, level up, and upgrade weapons. This is why items like golden scarabs are so valuable. This is because enemies you kill increase the number of runes you drop by 20%. You can also find Lightning Spear from learning here.

Losing Golden Scarab

tear beetle. Scarabs are special creatures of the Old Rings. Like the Crystal Lizards in the Souls series, Tear Scarabs are non-hostile creatures that drop valuable items when defeated. If the player doesn’t clear it fast enough, it will flash and then disappear from the area.

Finding Golden Parry Scarab

You can find the Golden Ashes of War in the Old Ring. There is a tear beetle outside the capital, outside Lindel, on the stairs to the left. All you have to do is destroy them to get the Golden Ashes of War Parry, but you can dodge them effectively.

Gold Scarab Boost
Runeis very important to progress in the game. The longer it is worn, the more useful it is for collecting runes. This talisman has significant benefits, making it one of the best talismans in the Elden Ring.