How To Get the Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

In this tutorial we will show you how to get the Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy has an element called Simulacra, which is a playable person highlight in the game. At the point when you call another weapon, you will open another person in the Simulacra. While from the get go, it appears like a pretend prizes with another skin, yet certain prizes are called characteristics. These attributes award uninvolved buffs to your charcater while you play the game and can certainly help your playstyle. Here is an overview on the Tower of Fantasy Simulacra characteristics for each Simulacra in the worldwide send off.

How To Get the Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

How To Get the Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

On the off chance that you find yourself seeking the well-natured Crow, players ought to initially begin gathering however many Gold Nucleus Stores as would be prudent. Crow is a SSR-level Simulacra, meaning there are extremely low drop rates for this person. Without spending cash on purchasing Red Cores, Gold Nucleus Reserves offer the most noteworthy drop rate for this person, in spite of the fact that it’s as yet conceivable to recover his weaponry with Black Nucleus Stores.

Black Nucleus Crow Pulls

Using Black Nucleus spheres with the intent of pulling a SSR is for the most part viewed as a vain undertaking. A 0.3% possibility pulling one of nine SSR weapons from the pool goes to 0.03% opportunity to effectively pull Crow on some random circle use. Further considering an absence of Pity frameworks in this low standard, players will not have the option to increase their possibilities beyond one of a kind occasions. All things considered, Black Cores will gradually accumulate over the long haul as players investigate Aida: no damage in crossing your fingers.

Gold Nucleus Crow Pulls

There are two pity frameworks that become possibly the most important factor with the Gold Nucleus. The main framework ensures a minimum SR extraordinariness drop each ten pulls, while the subsequent framework ensures a SSR drop each eighty pulls, whether or not a SSR was pulled while building the Pity bar. In light of this, it is quickest for players to hold on until they can turn in Gold Cores in gatherings of ten, considering the capacity to avoid the extended opening livelinesss once per group.

How To Get the Crow Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

To determine Crow’s crude possibility pulled in an Exceptional Request, we ought to briefly throw away the Pity frameworks. With nine separate SSR Simulacra in the pool, and a 0.75% possibility pulling a SSR weapon for each Golden Nucleus, it works out to a 0.083% possibility pulling Crow on some random Gold sphere utilization.


Crow’s weapon of decision comes in the type of two cutting edges that assault rapidly. This assault speed is valuable for daze locking lesser adversaries, as they will more often than not draw back from each strike. Thunderblades have a little scope of assault, and have the Volt weapon-type applied to them. Completely charging the weapon will permit players to incapacitate their adversary briefly, and jolt them for six seconds, negating every ongoing buff.

The enormous benefit of the Thunderblades is find whenever they’ve move up to the principal star: attacking any target from behind increases the basic pace of all subsequent double cutting edge assaults by 40%. For bigger foes, for example, prison supervisors, this extra crit stacking can take care of even the most high-wellbeing managers.

Cocoritter Awakening Qualities in Tower of Fantasy

1,200 — Help
At the point when Cocoritter utilizes a help weapon, increase healing impacts by 20%.
4,000 — Trust
At the point when Cocoritter utilizes a help weapon, increase healing impacts by 20%. At the point when she utilizes a help weapon’s release or weapon expertise, increase close by partners’ assault power by 15% for five seconds.