How to Get Every Tatsu Prime Relic in Warframe

In this guide we will show you how to get every Tatsu Prime Relic in Warframe. Nikanas are probably the most upscale weapons in Warframe, and the Tatsu may not be too a long ways behind. This Two-Gave Nikana stole the show for being one of only a handful of exceptional weapons in its group, however players who partake in Revenant’s unmistakable weapon can cultivate themselves a superior duplicate of it in the type of Tatsu Prime.

How to Get Every Tatsu Prime Relic in Warframe

How to Get Every Tatsu Prime Relic in Warframe

Since this is a Prime weapon, it tends to be obtained without purchasing the ongoing Prime Access pack by trading Platinum with other players for the Blade, Blueprint, and Handle on the in-game trading channels. The other technique is to utilize the Void Relics framework to find every part. Inserting the legitimate Void Relic into the gadget situated in your Lander will concede you an opportunity at the relegated part, yet dropping on the primary attempt isn’t completely ensured. Void relics can be refined to contain better chances for more uncommon things to drop by refining the relic with Void Follows to increase the chances of what will drop during a Void Gap mission.

How to Find the Tatsu Prime Blade

The Tatsu Prime’s Blade part can find in a Neo T6 relic. It is recorded as a Remarkable level drop. Neo T6 Relics can be utilized on the Star Graph either at the Void district on the missions Ukko or Marduk or on the Uranus region at the mission Ur. The suggested levels for any of these three missions is level 30-45.

How to Find the Tatsu Prime Blueprint

You can find the Tatsu Prime Blueprint inside a Lith H6 relic as a typical drop. Lith H6 relics can utilize at either the Void district on the mission Hepit, the Deimos region on the mission Hyf, or on the Mars area on the mission Olympus. These chose missions are a lot simpler, with a suggested greatest degree of just 20, so this is an effectively cultivated part.

How to Find the Tatsu Prime Handle

The most extraordinary piece of Tatsu Prime will be its Handle, which is an intriguing level drop from an Axi T10 relic. Axi relics can utilize either at the Void district on the mission Marduk, at Eris on the mission Xini, or on Lua on the mission Apollo. These missions are ordinarily the harder ones, as they require a suggested most extreme degree of something like 45.

How to Get Every Tatsu Prime Relic in Warframe

All Required Tatsu Prime Relics in Warframe

This will be a more straightforward Prime weapon to obtain, considering that you just need three sections contrasted with Revenant Prime.

  • Tatsu Prime Handle – Axi T10 – Intriguing
  • Tatsu Prime Blueprint – Lith H6 – Normal
  • Tatsu Prime Blade – Neo T6 – Phenomenal

Despite the fact that the Tatsu Prime requires just three sections, you want a whopping 15 Orokin Cells to make it once you get everything else. These possibly come as single units when dropped, except if you have something like an asset sponsor to twofold the gains. Yet again similar farming strategies apply in the event that you’re trying to chop down grinding time for something like the Phantasma Prime.