How to get Devout Emblems in Dead by Daylight

In this guide, we will show you how to get Devout Emblems in Dead by Daylight. Emblems are another Ranking Mechanic that was executed with Patch 1.9.4 into Dead by Daylight. The Emblem System is a trade for the Victory Cube for Killers and the old Bloodpoint-related Rank Mechanic for Survivors.

A Player’s Rank is currently concluded by their exhibition in a Trial and independent of the Bloodpoints they gained. Emblems supplant the old Bloodpoint Category circles in the Ranking segment of the Tally Screen.

How to get Devout Emblems in Dead by Daylight

How to get Devout Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Devout Emblems are granted to Killers for their capacity to forfeit and kill Survivors. In the case of nothing else, this is the Emblem you ought to have the option to get from each Trial as a Killer. You get points for eliminating Survivors from the Trial, and keeping in mind that killing them by any means will assist with boosting your Emblem, you want to attempt to zero in on sacrificing them. All things considered, The Entity is the strong god that united Killers and Survivors, so it just checks out that the Killer serves this god by doing its bidding.


To acquire points for the Devout emblem, the executioner needs to forfeit the survivors in the preliminary. Making kills with Reverse Bear Trap while playing as the Pig will likewise add points for the devout emblem. In the event that an exceptional kills survivors right at the point of time when the final plan breakdown time expires, then that would likewise add for the emblem. Besides, using a Memento Mori offering on a survivor likewise makes a difference.


In a similar patch (2.3.0), we introduced a “closeness to snared Survivor” punishment. It was initially a conservative punishment however has been increased to be more penalizing to Killers who remain in closeness. Most players won’t see massive changes to their resulting emblem quality as the punishment applies ten seconds in the wake of hooking a Survivor, and doesn’t make a difference if: A) another Survivor is in the 16M span; B) The Killer is in a pursuit; C) in the event that the snared Survivor is the last Survivor remaining.

How to get Devout Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight 6th Anniversary Event Masks

Spread all through each preliminary are invitations that should be located. However, memorizing their location isn’t a choice, as they will consistently move around the guide with a sound signal that plays to check their development. Survivors should be alive when the Exit Gates or Hatch open. On the off chance that they are on a snare or dead, they should attempt again. Additionally essential to note is that masks are open indiscriminately.

Emblem Points Required at Each Grade

Since there are 4 Emblem categories, you can procure up to 16 Emblem points in a given preliminary. What number points you really want to pip depends on total Emblem points, yet in addition on what rank you are. Depending on your total Emblem Points, you can gain 0 Pips (at times called Black Pip), 1 Pip, 2 Pips, or even lose 1 Pip assuming you’re Rank 15 or higher.