How to Get Clark Kent Shadow in Fortnite

In this guide we will explain you how to get Clark Kent shadow in Fortnite. Wonder characters had an entire season of Fortnite committed to them yet while that is not occurred with rivals DC there are now a great deal of their characters in the game, with more to come as connections to the new Suicide Squad film.

How to Get Clark Kent Shadow in Fortnite

How to Get Clark Kent Shadow in Fortnite

The above is all quite easy however the hardest quest is getting the Synder-esque Shadow Superman suit and its connected extras.

It’s troublesome in that you need to finish a great deal of epic quests, yet not a single one of them are specific to Superman or DC, so in the event that you’ve proactively done a bundle you should be more than most of the way there at this point.

  • Unlock Kal-El’s Cape lightweight plane: complete 63 epic quests
  • Unlock Superman pennant: complete 68 epic quests
  • Unlock Last Son of Krypton loading screen: complete 73 epic quests
  • Unlock Solitude Striker pickaxe: complete 78 epic quests
  • Unlock Shadow style Superman skin: complete 84 epic quest and unlock standard Superman outfit.

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How to Get Shadow Superman in Fortnite

Unlocking the Shadow style will also unlock Shadow variants for Superman’s other cosmetic items, so you’ll get an altogether new look once you complete an adequate number of challenges. These are the Shadow Superman items:

  • Clark Kent (Shadow)
  • Day to day Planet (Shadow)
  • Superman’s Cape (Shadow)
  • Solitude Striker (Shadow)

How to Unlock Superman Cosmetic Items and Superman’s Shadow Forms in Fortnite

There is still a lot of time left in Season 7, so quite possibly you’ll continue to finish epic quests during the following couple of weeks.

As such, you’ll have the option to unlock the previously mentioned cosmetic items. You can see every one of them ten in detail beneath:

  • Clark Kent Skin
  • Secret Character Worked In-act out, which allows Clark to transform into Superman
  • Clark Kent (Shadow) Skin Variation

How to Get Clark Kent Shadow in Fortnite


Complete Fortnite Part 2 Season 7 Epic Quests to procure new rewards, including the “Shadow” alt Style for Clark Kent, Superman, and the set’s accessories. In request, the Superman rewards unlocked this way are:

  • Kal-El’s Cape Lightweight plane
  • A Superman Standard
  • The Last Son of Krypton loading screen
  • The Solitude Striker Pickaxe
  • The Shadow variation for Clark Kent, the Day to day Planet Back Bling (the “Late Version”), the Superman Cape Back Bling, and the Solitude Striker Pickaxe.

Tips for Completing the Superman Quests

You really want to realize that these five quests are logical expected to be finished in a certain request, or if nothing else the first three. These quests are basically the same as the Neymar Jr. occasion that we had in Season 6, so a significant part of the tips that we had then will also apply here.

The first three quests that we have in the Fortnite Superman occasion in Season 7 are generally the same: complete a quest given to you by one of three NPCs: Clark Kent, Beast Kid, or Heavily clad Batman. As you will find out now, these three NPCs are brand new to the season and have shown up on the island.