How to Find and Tame a Maewing in Ark: Survival Evolved

This guide teaches you how to find and tame a Maewing in Ark: Survival Evolved. The Maewing is a half and half creature went between a platypus and a flying squirrel. Subsequently, it has body parts both helpful for aquatic and aerial portability, like webbed feet, a rudder-like tail, and a membrane of skin that stretches between its front and back legs (called a patagium) that grants it the ability the skim and parachute.

How to Find and Tame a Maewing in Ark: Survival Evolved

How to Find and Tame a Maewing in Ark: Survival Evolved

There are just three maps available that offer the Maewing as a natural spawn without the aid of a mod. While this may change sooner or later, or more maps may be added, these are the maps you can find them on.

Where to Find the Maewing on Fjordur

The Maewing likes to hang out in the Redwoods Zone on the Fjordur map. They’ll generally hang around certain streams and waterways, yet you can find them amongst the trees. Watch out for additional aggressive dinosaurs in the Redwoods.

How To Tame A Maewing

There are three moves toward taming a Maewing, however it very well may be one of the easier creatures to tame in the event that you understand what you are doing. They are not aggressive, in any event, when incited, yet their over the top development around an area makes them hard to trap except if you have some single-player cheat codes.

One tip before attempting to tame this creature is to clear the area of any other creatures, as they will generally draw a group.

Here are the moves toward taming a Maewing:

  • Taunt It
  • Trap It
  • Tranq It
  • Feed It

How to Find and Tame a Maewing in Ark: Survival Evolved

Net Them

It is relatively easy to Tame the Maewing. The best way to tame them is by netting them and then building a trap around them. After which, you can then take them out. Their saddle is easy to craft and opened early.

The Best Food For Taming Maewings

This half breed creature is an omnivore, meaning that it eats both meat and plants, however, there are a couple of foods that Maewings like over others. They will generally be more attached to meat and particularly appreciate Prime Meat, Mutton, and Basic Kibble, with the latter surprisingly being their favorite. Offering them enough of these kinds of food will win over a Maewing rapidly.

Catch and Tame a Maewing

The Maewing can be caught in the well known way of setting up traps and then going on to tame them, however the game has introduced a couple of tools that make it very straightforward and speedy to capture and tame these magnificent creatures.

All you really want are two vital tools that are the Harpoon Launcher and the Trap Net ammo. These are new tools that you can use to instantly capture a Maewing. Combine the Trap Net ammo to the Harpoon Launcher, aim at a Maewing and it will encase the creature in a net, trapping it to the ground.