How to Hide Your Name in Valorant

In this guide, we will find out how to hide your name in Valorant. The player who doesn’t has any desire to show their name outside their party or arbitrary player that they get coordinated with, can utilize these Valorant settings to do as such. Here we’ll see that through which setting you can hide your name in Valorant and how to turn it on.

It implies when you turn on these settings the players outside your party can not see your name on Riots. It will show player 1,2,3,4,5 instead of your name. However, on the off chance that the player is in a party or at the entryway the name will be shown to different players.

How to Hide Your Name in Valorant

How to Hide Your Name in Valorant

I have not player soo many games however I truly do realize that there are extremely less games or just Valorant that permit to hide usernames and during match your personality name will show as your.

This element is exceptionally helpful for famous gamers since it permits them to play appropriately with no ‘Huge Fan’ second haha.

Thus, follow the means given beneath to hide your Valorant name.

  • Open Valorant and go to setting.
  • From that point forward, go to general settings.
  • There you will find Privacy option.
  • Turn on top two options.

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How to Change Name In Valorant Using Riot ID

  • Go to the Riot site by clicking here.
  • Sign in by submitting the record name and secret phrase. That will give players admittance to individual record the board.
  • Look for the Riot ID segment. Change the Riot ID to the name you need to show on your Valorant profile.
  • Supplant the tagline if necessary. Click on ‘Save Changes’ underneath.
  • Send off the Valorant application to notice the name change on the profile.

How to Hide Your Name in Valorant

Privacy Features in VALORANT

The Privacy features were added to battle name tracing and badgering openly entryways. It really veils the username of the player as well as different players by substituting their names with nonexclusive specialist names. However, information in the Radiant level will remain public.

  • Send off VALORANT
  • Go to General Settings, and under the Privacy Section, change these settings:
  • Hide my Name from Players Outside My Party: On
  • Utilize Generic Names for Players Outside My Party: On
  • Auto Reject Friend Requests: Off

You’re currently all set! However, remember that your record could in any case accounted for breaking the principles, so get along!

Settings Option for Hiding Your Valorant Username

Go to privacy option into setting, this option makes it so your name shows up as “Me” to yourself and as “Player 1-5” during Agent choice, and thereafter as your Agent’s name to different players. So on the off chance that you are playing as Yoru for instance, different players would view your name consistently as being “Yoru” and not your own client name.