How to Change Age in Among Us

Many people’s wants to know that how to change age in Among Us and in this guide we will learn about it. Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social derivation game created and distributed by American game studio Innersloth. The game was inspired by the party game Mafia and the sci-fi blood and gore movie The Thing.

How to Change Age in Among Us

  • Go to “C:\Users\”Your Name”\AppData\LocalLow\InnerSloth\Among Us\playerPrefs”. You want to empower stowed away documents and envelopes to have the option to see it.
  • Rename the playerPrefs document to playerPrefs.txt.
  • Open with Notepad and you will see a date there. Supplant the date with your ideal date.
  • Save the document and eliminate the “.txt” expansion.

How to Change Age in Among Us

How to Change Age in Among Us iOS

You want to open the application. Presently you need to pick the date of birth, which will make you the player over 18 years old. You can choose the Year as 2001 or 2000, which will make you over 18 years old. Whenever you have set your date of birth, then, at that point, you can not change it.

How Do You Change the Age on among us Nintendo Switch

  • (Press “Home” on your control center prior to following these means)
  • Tap “Control center Settings”
  • Tap “Limitation Level”
  • Select the Appropriate Age for Your Child

How Do You Change Your Birthday on Among Us

Assuming you committed an error with your birthday there is a method for changing it.

  1. Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Innersloth\Among Us
  2. Open the document playerPrefs in notebook.
  3. You will see something like this:
    NAME,1,3,1,False,False,False,0,True,False,57,255,0,1,0,0,0,False,0,True,0,1,,1,1,YEAR,05/03/2021 21:00:04,1
  4. Change YEAR to what you need, I used 2000 since that permits me to have free chat.

How to Unlock Chat Option

Free chat option between us was discontinued when it introduced the Quick Chat highlight. After this update, players younger than 18 can not type in the chat. To determine the issue and open free chat, you must change your age to 18 years or more.

For What Reason Does Among Us Ask for Date Of Birth

your date of birth has been picked in a manner which doesn’t permit it. Essentially the fast chat include in the game is reliant upon your age. In the event that you are underage, you may have the option to use the fast wheel for chatting while assuming you are more seasoned, you can type openly to speak with different players.

How to Change Age in Among Us

The Problem of Changing Age

The issue you will confront when you change your age is that you will not be able to change your name. Also you can chat using speedy chat. In the most recent update, among us has made another capacity. In an update, presently whose age is under 18 can’t chat.

What’s more the greatest problematic issue is that you can join the entryway which has the capacity of speedy chat. Along these lines, you can’t go to arbitrary hall uninhibitedly.

How to Have a Blank Name in Among Us in Local Games

While it’s as of now not feasible to have no name while playing online, you can in any case have a blank name while playing a neighborhood game. It’s is an incredible method for getting an edge on your companions while playing locally, however you’re probably not going to trick them for long.

  1. Duplicate this blank space: “ㅤ”
  2. Open Among Us, and tap LOCAL.
  3. Tap the name field at the top of the screen.
  4. Erase the current name.
  5. Tap the name field, and glue the blank person from the initial step.
  6. Tap Create Game to have a neighborhood game, or select a nearby game from the rundown.

How to Have a Blank Name in Among Us on PC

Sadly, it’s presently unimaginable to expect to have a blank name in the most recent form of Among Us assuming you use a PC to play the game. Before, users could camouflage themselves pretty well by having a blank name.

Is your name in Among Us super durable?

Players pick their name when they begin, and they save that name for each round. They might have incorrectly accepted this was super durable because there is no indication the showcase name box is editable. However, it is conceivable all of the time to change names preceding a new round.