How to Add Friends in Clash Royale

This guide teaches you about how to add friends in Clash Royale. Adding your friends to your Clash Royale profile allows you to invite them and line up for multiplayer games together. In case you’re wondering how to add friends to play Clash Royale with them, we take care of you with everything that you really want to be aware.

How to Add Friends in Clash Royale

How to Add Friends in Clash Royale

To add friends to Clash Royale, you have several choices. You, right off the bat, can send an invitation link to your IRL friends. To do this, press theSocial symbol at the top right of the screen and then, at that point, select Add a Friend. Then, at that point, send your invitation link on social networks, by email or by any instant courier.

You can also add friends to Clash Royale by linking your Facebook account. You will then, at that point, find all your friends who are also playing the game.

How to Find Your Supercell ID or Send a Profile QR Code or Link to Friends

You can find your Supercell ID by going to your main menu and pressing the three lines on the top right. There will be another menu, and you should press the Supercell ID button at the bottom. You can find your Supercell ID under your profile picture. Assuming that you want your friend to add you, you should give them this name.

Adding a teammate in 2v2 Battle to your Friend list

In a 2v2 battle you will see the chat screen as shown beneath. Tap on Add Friend button — the second button from the right on the bottom of the game screen — and you can add your teammate as a friend till the time he is also in that same battle.

Adding friends to Clash Royale through Facebook

Be certain you have your Facebook account linked in the Clash Royale (the choice is in the settings)
When your Facebook profile is linked you will actually want to see the list of all of your Facebook friends that play Clash Royale and add them to your friend list.

How to Add Friends in Clash Royale

Adding Friends Through Supercell ID

At the bottom of the friends list, you ought to see a message about using Supercell IDs. Tap on the blue Connect button to be taken to the Supercell ID site. In the event that you don’t see this button, that means you’re already signed in with a Supercell ID, so feel free to jump to stage 4.

Clash Royale Cards

Cards are a representation of Playable warriors, buildings, and spells. Before each battle, players construct a deck of eight cards to attack and safeguard against their rival’s cards. The two players start with four randomly chosen cards from their eighth deck at the start of each game, with the exception of Mirror and Elixir Collector.