Starfield hero adds New Atlantis map to New Atlantis

Wondering for Starfield hero adds New Atlantis map to New Atlantis? Starfield might have north of 1,000 planets and moons however it has exactly zero nearby maps, a decision that begins befuddling and turns into a regular irritation. Attempting to find your strategy for getting around the rambling city of New Atlantis or the twisting walkways of Cydonia would be limitlessly simpler if you would pull up a map to sort out where you’re proceeding to drop a pin so you can all the more effectively track down your direction to your objective.

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Unfortunately, Bethesda forgot to incorporate nearby maps like you’ll find in games like Skyrim and Blankness, and that implies in the event that you don’t have a particular journey marker directing you toward an area in a city you’re presumably going to experience difficulty sorting out where stuff really is.

Starfield hero adds New Atlantis map to New Atlantis

Fortunately a couple of heroes have shown up to make all the difference — essentially with regards to New Atlantis. First up, map enthusiast Wojtek Antonowicz of made a gigantic and beautiful named map of New Atlantis with every one of the regions, shops, elevators, and areas obviously checked. Then modder JustOkayGamer (with Antonowicz’s authorization) took that map and added it to stands tracked down around New Atlantis. Cheer.

This isn’t a map you can pull up in your menu: the map and legend are put on actual articles around the city, so you want to walk straight dependent upon them in-game and see them, causing it to feel like the kind of map you find at a shopping center. However, that is precisely exact thing New Atlantis needs.

Presently you’ll find the maps all around the city supplanting enormous promotions close to travel stations. It’s really astonishing that Bethesda did exclude maps like this, taking into account how by and large poor the city’s signage is and how futile the data booths are in the vanilla game.