Sea of Stars: How to Get the True Ending

In this article we will show you Sea of Stars: how to get the True Ending. Sea of Stars is a nostalgic RPG in the style of games like Brilliant Sun and Chrono Trigger from the SNES time. Very much like those games, there are a lot of discretionary managers to find, and a lot of delicious side missions that will lead you to the really satisfying true ending. In the event that you weren’t happy with the ending you got, you can definitely relax, you can in any case return and complete more side substance to get the better ending.

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Sea of Stars: How to Get the True Ending

In Sea of Stars: how to get the True Ending, you should enact all seven points of support in the Moorlands on Sleeper Island, close where you initially met Teaks. This is finished by beating the game once and completing a few side undertakings beyond the main story. It’s a ton of work, yet it’s definitely worth the effort — especially after how the principal ending leaves things.

Sea of Stars: How to Get the True Ending

Sea of Stars True Ending Unlock

Beating the game and saving your reasonable record will prompt the game notifying you that “A puzzling gadget has showed up in the Moorlands”. The most effective way to arrive at this is through the bottom left entrance on the world guide. From that point, travel north and through the cavern, prior to going west.

Sea of Stars: How to Get the True Ending

The “strange gadget” will be there, encompassed by 7 points of support. These support point connects with a certain thing you should do, which will then make the runes light up. The necessities to illuminate all the support points are:

  • Complete all field battles in Lively.
  • Rout the Weapon Goddess at Lofty position of the Sovereign That Was. To arrive at this, go north east, south east, north east, east in the Cerulean Field.
  • Complete all Depressed Ruins and rout the Sea Slug. On the world guide, you can initiate a button to bring up numerous light points of support.
  • These let you initiate the light buttons under the water, leading to numerous ruins.
  • Complete all Solstice Shrines and rout the supervisor behind the entryway in the Mountain Trail (underneath the Senior Fog Preliminaries)
  • Find all 60 Rainbow Conch shells and hand them in to the dealer at Lake Docarria.
  • Free Duke Aventry. This “sidequest” is begun through entering Romaya’s Mysterious Entry on the world guide.

How to Find All 60 Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars

There are 60 Rainbow Conches dissipated all through Sea of Stars’ different islands, and assuming that you need the True Ending, you really want to find them all and give them to Mirna in Docarri Town. As you investigate Sea of Stars: how to get the True Ending, search for blue and gold chests — these house a Rainbow Conch each. You can also read latest guide about Minecraft from here.

Collecting All Sixty Rainbow Conchs

You have likely currently run over a portion of these during your movements. All things considered, it just so happens, collecting all 60 of them and handing them to Mirna in Docarri town is important to unlock the true ending. Some of them can actually be found while you are doing the other true-ending journeys, so you might need to handle this grueling assignment after you have finished all of the other missions first.

Fully Build Mirth

We want to totally build Mirth and bring all individuals to it. There are 4 buildings we want to build and to do so we really want to find the plans. These plans we get from actually finding the Rainbow Conches so these 2 prerequisites remain closely connected. That being said in Sea of Stars: how to get the True Ending, we want to find individuals too. All of them were record during the main walkthrough yet on the off chance that you’re missing one:

  • Innkeeper: converse with Edgar, the person at the Inn in Bright and he’ll send over his brother.
  • Businessperson: the individual in the southeastern house in Docarria Town.
  • Angler: converse with the Expert Angler inside the Inn in Mooncradle.
  • Spa: make a beeline for the Stonemasons Station and address the mole taking a shower on the right half of the settlement.