NHL 23: Can you request a trade in Be a Pro?

NHL 23: Can you request a trade in be a pro? In many sporting events, fans believe it a critical feature to be able to change teams as they see fit. NHL 23 is willing to accommodate this request, yet it’s not as basic as you would think. Trading can in any case be a superb choice for players who don’t want to erase a whole career mode. We’re here to explain how to request a trade in NHL 23’s Be a Pro mode.

How to Get Traded in NHL 23

Priorities straight, you have to actually get to the stage in the game mode where you’re able to be traded. You should be drafted and also be in the regular season before the trade deadline. This will then allow you to request a trade. However, that doesn’t mean you simply get what you want.

NHL 23: Can you request a trade in Be a Pro?

Do Some Sweet Talking

Conversations will be utilized to handle the majority of off-ice occasions in NHL 23. These occasions will usually include a few different dialog choices that will almost always affect your brand score, your teammate likeability, and your management likeability. Occasionally, you will get occasions that are effective to such an extent that they affect your situation in the profundity chart. Asking for a trade is one of those occasions, so be certain to make a save not long before asking for a trade because your scores will go down drastically on the off chance that this fails.

You’ll have to make sure that before you request a trade, you invest some expertise points in your conversational abilities. Because of this, we suggest playing at least a full season before requesting a trade. On the off chance that you’re in a rush, you can sim through this, however your XP gain will be drastically diminished. You also need to remember that on the off chance that you ask for a trade too early, teams will not be able to get a decent glance at you.