NBA 2K23: How To Get 94 OVR Takeover Tom Gugliotta in MyTeam

This guide will show you NBA 2K23: how to get 94 OVR takeover tom tugliotta in MyTeam. The year may be coming to an end, but the Takeover Train never rests in NBA 2K23. Like every week, 2K released Takeover players with stat-specific missions instead of winning. Below, we’ve rounded up all the details to help Minnesota hit each goal and add his Timberwolves legend Tom Gliotta to his roster.

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How To Get Tom Gugliotta in MyTeam

Like other Takeover players, he needs six objectives to complete the game. These various objectives can be accomplished without difficulty in any mode and are listed below.

  • Score 39 points with a PF in a game (reward is a moments trophy case card)
  • Get 11 assists with a Timberwolves SF in a game (reward is a Playmaker Award Pack)
  • Get 40 rebounds with Timberwolves players over multiple games (Reward is a Historic Trophy Case Pack)
  • Win three games using 13 Timberwolves players (reward is a Moments Trophy Case Pack)
  • Get 20 rebounds in a game (reward is 10 MyTeam Tokens)
  • Get five Blocks in a game (reward is a Rim Protector Award Pack)

While nothing in this objective list is too overwhelming, we recommend you do all of these in single-player modes so that you aren’t held up by opponents trying to stress you out. Using the “Fundamentals” set of challenge games can be an easy way to both quickly get your wins and pad your stats. You can also partner this with some of the Happy Holidays Agenda to get yourself even more players. You can also know about find Chris Brickley’s Gym from here.

94 OVR Takeover

This challenge requires you to use an SF with a Timberwolves tag. Sadly in NBA 2K23: how to get 94 OVR takeover tom tugliotta in MyTeam, there aren’t that many options. The easiest to get is the Timberwolves NBA Series One Set. He wins Austin Rivers if he only has 2 tokens, or he wins Austin Rivers if he spends 15 tokens and misses Anthony Edwards’ takeover card. Cards like Season 2’s Sinister Jimmy Butler and Trophy Case’s Wally Schzerbiak also fit into this category, but are clearly harder to come by.

After completing these six tasks, Gliotta will added to the list. This agenda set ends the game on his January 3rd