Lucky Hole Mine Code Location in Fallout 76

This short guide shows you Lucky Hole Mine code location in Fallout 76. By all accounts, it’s an innocuous, deserted lead mine utilized by runners before the Great War. Notwithstanding, Lucky Hole mine contains a dull mystery. Before the Great War, the miners were frighten off by a gathering of odd individuals demanding to dive into the profundities of the mine looking for secrets.

The Lucky Hole Mine is found in the rough Savage Divide locale of Fallout 76’s Appalachia, far toward the south of the guide. It’s only southwest of Fort Defiance, where you can get a Creepy Clown Mask to look as terrifying as the Lucky Hole Mine’s items.

Lucky Hole Mine Code Location in Fallout 76

Lucky Hole Mine Code Location in Fallout 76

Lucky Hole Mine isn’t a region that is intend for low-level players. Ensure you step up a respectable sum before you go venturing off to this area. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea where Lucky Hole Mine is, you can find it in the exceptionally southeastern part of the guide.

Lucky Hole Mine is concealed profound within the mountains toward the west of Watoga and is right beyond the Cranberry Bog part of the guide. This region is only south of the pinnacle image that shows up in the mountain on the guide.

Where to Find the Lucky Hole Mine Security Entryway Code

At the point when you arrive at Lucky Hole Mine, you should manage a great deal of cultists with various weapons. Look out for the one that conveys a flamethrower. Whenever you are finish dealing with the cultists that are beyond the mine, find the three little shacks that are outside the mine entry. In the event that you are in the mine, you should return outside.

Of the three shacks, enter the left one and you will find a note named “Dealer’s Stash” on the table in the back corner. Peruse the note to find that the code for the security entryway is 238963. The code remains a similar regardless of which character you are on, so you can disregard the note later on in the event that you know the code.

Lucky Hole Mine Code Location in Fallout 76

Speciality of Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine

You may effectively conclude that there is something strange going on at Lucky Hole by accessing the terminals surrounding the edge of the mine. Outsiders had been harassing the representatives there, and they in the end assumed command. According to the holotapes, an odd clique accepts that a secret guest known as “the Interloper” is available in the mine, and that this wooden divinity is summoning devotees to venerate him.

FO76 Lucky Hole Mine Code

On the off chance that you’ve been investigating, you’ve without a doubt run over a locked security entryway with a keycode combination lock some place within the mine. The code to this lock can found on a Smuggler’s reserve note outside one of the cabins. The code is 238963, in the event that you missed it.