How to Open the Triangular Key Door in MADiSON

This article is about how to open the Triangular key door in MADiSON. It is the most unnerving mental loathsomeness round of this current year. The game was delivered a couple of hours back and has previously procured enormous ubiquity around the world. The game has a few locked doors that players need to open, however every one of the doors needn’t bother with keys to be opened. In any case, doors that require keys are the challenging ones to open. The Triangular Key is one of those keys that you want to find and open a door in MADiSON.

How to Open the Triangular Key Door in MADiSON

How to Open the Triangular Key Door in MADiSON

Assuming you have been playing MADiSON, that’s what you know, as you progress through the game, you’ll ultimately go into the place of Luca’s Grandfather. While you investigate the house’s kitchen region, you’ll get the Triangular key from the kitchen pantry under ones.

First Key Location

To open the door, there are two key that you ought to recognize. The first of these keys can be seen as very almost immediately in the game. Before you get the first key, you should advance toward granddads house through the review.

Set out toward the kitchen whenever you have gone into the granddads house. On the off chance that you just went into the house, you ought to currently be close. You can likewise find the first of the keys in the bottom corner cabinet, as shown in the picture above.

Second Key Location

The second key will not have the option to be obtained for a long while. Before you can get your hands on it, you should finish the loft part of the game and the cathedral piece. In the wake of completing the two pieces of the game, you can go to the cellar to snatch the crowbar. Utilize the crowbar to get the wedding ring from under the section of flooring in granddad’s room wardrobe.

How to Open the Triangular Key Door in MADiSON

Continue through the game to the little room where you originally got the instant camera from. As of now in the game, you ought to see four Virgin Mary sculptures in the room surrounding the seat. The second triangle key is on the seat where you got the camera. With both keys in your control, you can go open the door that you have been waiting to open.

Where To Find Your Tools

Before you can begin mucking around with time itself, you’re going to require a significant thing. You’ve likely seen the cuckoo timekeepers spread around the house. Interacting with them prompts you for a thing you will not get your hands on until you have the clock key. The clock key opens the clock door, clearly. When you’re in the studio, you’ll have to find a note pad in one of the drawers close to the most distant corner of the room.