How to Obtain and Equip Skill Runes in Lost Ark

In this gaming gudie, we will figure out about how to obtain and equip Skill Runes in Lost Ark. Rune slots are always available, but can only be obtained through opening a rune chest. Runes can be equipped and unequipped at any time.

How to Obtain and Equip Skill Runes in Lost Ark

In addition, to the dissimilar Tripod choices accessible to control up skills, you can likewise connect or add Skill Runes to them. A Skill Rune can be easily opened all through skills for various minor rewards and impacts. Albeit not generally so strong as Tripods, Skill Runes are important to completely advance your character.

How to Obtain and Equip Skill Runes in Lost Ark

You can get skill runes by taking part in specific activities in Lost Ark. Skill Runes are generally fall from bosses or procured as able to collect prizes, importance you’ll have to contribute some time ahead you can obtain a lot of Skill Runes.

Runes have various levels of extraordinariness and can be gained through various strategies. To prepare a skill rune, press “K” to open your skill page. The skill runes found on the right half of your skill page can be connected to any of your skills.

  1. Go to the skill you need to add a skill rune to.
  2. Then, go to the skill rune you need to connect. Then, at that point, click Equip at the base. This will join the skill rune to the skill and give it another unexpected impact.

The player can obtain skill runes in Lost Ark by purchasing them with gold, or by completing quests.

There are two types of runes: Passive and Active.

Passive runes are always on, while Active Runes require a cooldown before they can be used again.

How to Obtain and Equip Skill Runes in Lost Ark

How To Equip

Whenever you’ve gotten a Skill Rune, it shows up on the right half of your Combat Skill Window (default hotkey “K”). To apply them to your skills:

  1. Select the skill you need to expand with a Rune.
  2. Pick the Skill Rune you wish to attachment from the right side.
  3. Press Apply.
  4. Press the yellow Save button and you’re finished!

How to Unlock Skill Runes

The runes can be added the second you begin finding them after you have arrived at the final plan content at Level 50. They can be procured from various areas around the guide and can be found with various grades that change their belongings.