How to Get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is nearing the finish of its thirteenth season, and as usual, something strange is happening before the finish of the season. In all likelihood a marketing strategy and promotion developer for the upcoming season, players have found a new thing called the Golden Ticket that grants access to a future occasion.

Access to the said occasion is locked behind this ticket which means you’re going to want to grab one at once. Fortunately this guide will give you all the information you want on how to get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends.

How to Get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

How to Get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

The best way to obtain a golden ticket comes to finding them on the map, and they possibly appear when you locate a replicator. You can’t go through this cycle with each replicator you experience. Instead, you really want to find a replicator with a golden image above it, which is not the same as the traditional blue one.

At the point when you arrive at the replicator with a golden image, interact with it as you would any other replicator, and a golden ticket will be one of the choices for you to craft. You should utilize 125 Crafting Materials to crate this thing. Because of the significant expense of this thing, we energetically suggest locating different Inventory Bins and Harvesters and grabbing as many Materials as you can before trying to track down a replicator with a golden image.

Besides the fact that you earn a golden ticket for completing the transaction, however you also get a legendary-level weapon for completing it. Although the ticket is estimated at a high value, the additional weapon makes the exchange very beneficial. Presently, make sure to craft as many golden tickets as you can before the arrival of the map, which ought to happen on October 19.

How to Get the Golden Ticket in Apex Legends

A New Home

The Golden Ticket may reveal a few interesting details coming to Apex Legends, yet players should gather the ticket and wait. Many Apex data miners have indicated that the following update on October 19 will make the “A New Home” teaser available to play.

Do You Get Anything Else for Crafting a Golden Ticket?

At the point when you craft a Golden Ticket in Apex Legends, you will also get a completely kitt-out gold weapon to use in the match that you are in. However, the Golden Ticket is mysteriously absent in your inventory in-game. Instead, when you return to the hall, you will see a new choice in the Game Modules tab on the top right corner near the platform symbol. It will read “A New Home.”

The choice is right now lock, however when it opens on Oct. 19, be ready to look at what’s in store for the new map in Apex Legends.