How to Get Full Clearance in Dual Evidence in Genshin Impact

In this short guide we will show you how to get full clearance in Dual Evidence in Genshin Impact. Dual Evidence is the first World Journey in the Old Notes and New Companions questline, where you meet an old scientist named Soheil, who will not completely accept that that you and Tirzad’s archeological findings hold any reality. Discredit him by presenting him with a stone slate containing full clearance.

The Dual Evidence journey starts in Aaru Town. Assuming you magically transport to the Statue of the Seven (east side), the first cutscene will start automatically.

How to Get Full Clearance in Dual Evidence in Genshin Impact

How to Get Full Clearance in Dual Evidence in Genshin Impact

Presently when you press the button that would usually feature your next level headed, the Red Sand Slate screen opens. Go to the “Delving Further” tab and select Duat Hall. Make a beeline for the Duat Hall, which is right external the front of The Hill of Magma in the southwest corner of the desert. Go inside the Rise of Magma and utilize both of the book-like devices on the option to eliminate the forcefields. Go up the steps on the right and delivery the floating block, then trust that the fan will stop and follow the 3D square into the opening. Discharge it again, then follow it back to the first chamber until it illuminates the enormous pedestal and opens the entryway.

Get the floating triangle, then drop into the opening and place the triangle in the square. Touch the cell, then approach the four torches to restore them. Then, change to a Pyro character and light each torch. Open the Surprising Chest, then drop into another opening and follow the Seelie all the way to a huge cave. Activate the Magically transport Waypoint, then pass through the entryway on the east side. Follow another Seelie to another Magically transport Waypoint, then utilize the book-like device to open the entryway.

On the off chance that recorded bit by bit, this is a succession of the way the Clearance can be obtained:

  1. First Clearance: Golden Slumber: The Secret of Al-Ahmar
  2. Second Clearance: Dual Evidence: Duat Hall
  3. Third Clearance: Dual Evidence: Place of Rebirth Trial
  4. Fourth Clearance: Dual Evidence: Place of Breath Trial
  5. Clearance of Khaj-Nisut: Golden Slumber: The Secret of Al-Ahmar
  6. Ferryman’s Clearance: At the start of Dual Evidence

First Clearance

The first Clearance in Genshin Impact is conceded in the wake of going to the most elevated floor of King Deshret’s Sepulcher (after Genshin Impact players open the coffin) in a Golden Slumber subquest called The Secret of Al-Ahmar.

Second Clearance

For the second Clearance, finish the Golden Slumber journey and start the Dual Evidence the following day. Heed the stone slate’s direction to obtain full clearance in Duat Hall.

Third Clearance

Still in the Dual Evidence Genshin Impact mission, finish the Place of Rebirth Trial to get the third Clearance.

Fourth Clearance

Finally, for the fourth and final Clearance, finish the Place of Breath Trial of the Dual Evidence journey.

How to Get Full Clearance in Dual Evidence in Genshin Impact

Clearance of Khaj-Nisut

There are also a few special Clearances players can get. The Clearance of Khaj-Nisut is conceded when Voyagers investigate the room located profound within (in the wake of proceeding further within the Genshin Impact ruins) in The Secret of Al-Ahmar subquest.

Ferryman’s Clearance

In the mean time, the Ferryman’s Clearance is automatically added in the wake of talking to Soheil when players start the Dual Evidence questline.

How to Activate the Giant Device in Genshin Impact Dual Evidence

Now that you have full clearance, you really want to go to the Hall of Bits of insight (see location in the image). The entryway between the two statues is presently open. To finish the following goal, ‘activate the giant device’, utilize the Red Sand Slate on the four surrounding stone monoliths. In the following region, with the ‘light the primal torches’ goal, escort the three blue spheres to the center of the room.