How to Get Circus Junkrat Skin in Overwatch 2

This tutorial will show you how to get Circus Junkrat Skin in Overwatch 2. Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! The circus is in town and Overwatch 2 has a brand new skin that will have you feeling like the ultimate ringmaster. That’s right folks, we’re talking about the one and only Circus Junkrat Skin. If you’re looking to add this explosive ensemble to your collection, we’ve got all the tips and tricks on how to get your hands on it. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let us guide you through the wild world of Overwatch cosmetics.

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How to Get Circus Junkrat Skin in Overwatch 2

How to Get Circus Junkrat Skin in Overwatch 2

Junkrat is one of the more popular heroes in Overwatch, and his circus skin is one of the most sought-after skins in the game. While it’s not the rarest or most difficult skin to obtain, it can be a little tricky to get your hands on. Here’s how you can get the Circus Junkrat skin in Overwatch:

To start, you’ll need to be level 25 or higher in order to purchase skins from the in-game store. Once you’ve reached that level, head to the store and select the “Skins” tab. From there, scroll through the list of available skins until you find the Circus Junkrat skin. It should be priced at 750 credits.

Once you’ve purchased the skin, it will be added to your collection and can be equipped at any time from the “Skins” menu. Enjoy your new Junkrat skin!

Tips and Tricks for Playing with the Circus Junkrat Skin

How to Get Circus Junkrat Skin in Overwatch 2

If you’re looking for a fun and festive skin for Junkrat, look no further than the Circus Junkrat skin! This skin is perfect for players who want to get into the spirit of the season and have some fun with their favorite character. Here are some tips and tricks for playing with the Circus Junkrat skin:

  1. Use your traps to your advantage. The Clown Car trap can be used to surprise your opponents and give you the upper hand in a fight.
  2. The Firework Launcher is great for taking out groups of enemies. Use it to clear paths or take down objectives.
  3. The Cannonball Roll ability can be used to escape danger or close in on an enemy. Use it wisely!
  4. Have fun with it! The Circus Junkrat skin is all about having fun and enjoying yourself. use your abilities and traps to make the most of every situation and enjoy yourself while you play!

Pros and Cons of the Circus Junkrat Skin

The Junkrat skin is one of the most popular skins in Overwatch. It is a bright and colorful skin that makes Junkrat look like he belongs in a circus. The skin is available for purchase in the Overwatch store.

The Junkrat skin has several benefits. First, it is a very visually appealing skin. The colors are eye-catching and vibrant, and the overall design of the skin is unique and interesting. Second, the Junkrat skin provides a significant boost to Junkrat’s speed and mobility. This can be extremely helpful in both competitive and casual play. The Junkrat skin gives Junkrat a much needed visual update. His original skin was starting to look a bit dated Donut Charm, and the new skin helps him keep up with the other characters in terms of visuals.

There are some drawbacks to the Junkrat skin as well. First, it is relatively expensive, costing 750 credits. Second, some players feel that the new design does not fit well with Junkrat’s character or personality. While these are valid concerns, they are ultimately minor compared to the benefits of the skin.

Other Cosmetic Options in Overwatch 2

There are a few other options for customizing your look in Overwatch 2. You can purchase voice lines, sprays, and skins from the game’s store. However, the Circus Junkrat skin is currently only available through the Anniversary event.


Getting the Circus Junkrat skin in Overwatch 2 is an exciting challenge for any player. With a bit of luck and some careful planning, you can make sure that your hard work pays off and you get to enjoy playing as this unique character. It’s important to remember that patience is key – it may take several attempts before you’re rewarded with the skin, but if you stay focused then success should be yours. Good luck!