How to Complete the Treasure Hunt Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

We will figure out about how to complete the Treasure Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Disney Dreamlight Valley is loaded up with quests that expect you to investigate, gather, and often find stowed away things or hints. This is the way to complete the Treasure Hunt quest from Tightwad McDuck.

With regards to Disney Dreamlight Valley, the quests can go from fast and simple to inside and out puzzling. For some, the Treasure Hunt quest is the last option. However, that can undoubtedly be tackled with just the right amount of direction.

We’ve gone through the game’s Treasure Hunt quest and tracked down every one of the areas for you. This is the way to complete the Treasure Hunt quests and find those three secret pieces of information.

How to Complete the Treasure Hunt Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Complete the Treasure Hunt Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Toward the beginning of the quest, Penny pincher McDuck gives you a coin that transforms into a Memory upon inspection. The Memory in question shows you three areas that you should find as the Disney character is convinced it will prompt a few treasure and we as a whole know, he cherishes his cash. The game doesn’t give you accurate guide waypoints, rather expecting you to sort out the areas without anyone else.

Glade of Trust

You want 5,000 Dreamlight in request to open the Glade of Trust on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. See our How to Get Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for more assistance assuming you want it.

When you’re in, make a beeline for the north side towards the huge lake. Here, you’ll see a major tree and a glittering spot on the ground straightforwardly before it. Utilize your Imperial Digging tool to uncover the soil here to get sign #1.

Merlin’s House

We haven’t given a precise guide area to the second one since there’s absolutely no chance you can miss it. Essentially go into Merlin’s house in Quiet Knolls and you’ll see a paper sign on the floor before his work area. Get it to get sign #2.

Dazzle Beach

We accept that you’ve opened Dazzle Beach as of now. As a matter of fact, we’re uncertain on the off chance that you could actually get this quest without having it open however for good measure, you’ll require 1,000 Dreamlight to open it.

Travel north from the Dazzle Beach Well (on the off chance that you haven’t moved it) and look along the wall toward the end for a striped plant sticking out of it. There’s another digging spot under it so like the past area, utilize your Illustrious Digging tool to find the final sign.

How to Complete the Treasure Hunt Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Treasure Hunt Pt. 2 Quest Guide

The second piece of the Treasure Hunt quest can be begun when you raise Miser’s Fellowship Level to even out 10. Converse with Miser and he will give you the guide, requesting that you bring it to Merlin. Bring the guide to Merlin and he will discuss a few mystical words, revealing an enigma concealed on the guide.

In the wake of getting the guide back, interact with it in your inventory and it will transform into a memory. Interact with the memory and you will get a guide of the valley with three X’s on it. Go converse with Tightwad and get the Focal points of Shadow from him. Go into your inventory and prepare the Focal points of Shadow.

With the Focal points of Shadow prepared, your personality will actually want to see the digging spots in the areas set apart on the guide. The digging spots are situated in the following regions:

  • Glade of Trust – In the southeast corner of the biome close to the Mainstay of Trust.
  • Woodland of Fearlessness – In the southern piece of the biome close to the Mainstay of Mental fortitude.
  • Iced Levels – In the northeast corner of the biome.

Two of the digging spots will get you the critical pieces and the other will get you the chest. Bring the things to Tightwad and he will advise you to make two Gold Ingots so you can fix the key. Gold Ingots are made of five Gold Chunks which are tracked down in the Sunlit Level and Iced Levels. When you have the Gold Ingots, fix the key. Bring the key and the chest to Miser to get your piece of the treasure and complete the quest.