How to Change Your Name in Overwatch 2

This tutorial is about how to change your name in Overwatch 2. Most current online serious titles permit players a lot of opportunity with how they need to customize their profile in the game, and Overwatch 2 is no more bizarre to this reality.

From changing their in-game settings to equipping new titles and character beauty care products, there is a ton that fans can do in Snowstorm’s most recent establishment. Remarkable in-game titles permit players to give their profiles a fair piece of character and assist them with being effortlessly recalled by those that they matchmake with and against.

How to Change Your Name in Overwatch 2

How to Change Your Name in Overwatch 2

  • To change your name in Overwatch 2, you want to sign in to and go to your record settings.
  • When no doubt about it, “Record Subtleties” and select “Update” close to “BattleTag”.
  • In conclusion, pick another name and select “Change your BattleTag”.

This is the way to do this:

  • Go to
  • Go to Record Subtleties > BATTLETAG > Update.
  • Pick another name.
  • Select “Change your BattleTag”.

At the point when you change your BattleTag in your record settings, your Overwatch 2 name will be changed to it too.

Change Your Name Card

Time for a gleam up! Click the Name Cards classification on the passed on side to see every one of the snazzy flags you’ve opened up to this point. Many Name Cards are open by progressing through the Fight Pass thus, in the event that you’re simply starting your Overwatch 2 excursion, you might not have too numerous to browse right now.

Ones that seem more brilliant than others and are lacking the little latch image close to the top-right corners can prepared by selecting them and clicking Prepare at the bottom.

Name Cards aren’t only for adding a tiny piece of flare to your name plate – they include the whole header of your Vocation Profile page! Presently, when different players view your Vocation Profile, they’ll get a genuine taste of your style.

How to Change Your Name in Overwatch 2

How to Get Name Cards in Overwatch 2

Like any remaining beauty care products in the game, the main approach to getting Name Cards is by progressing through the Fight Pass. There are many charming ones to get as you progress, however note that a large portion of the beautiful ones are lock behind the paid track.

In the event that you see one you like, you might need to pay out genuine cash or 1,000 Overwatch Coins to buy them. Again, they’re absolutely superficial with no bearing on interactivity, and since you can’t actually effectively show them off to rivals at any rate, they’re likely not even worth buying.