How to Become a Quincy in Peroxide

How to Become a Quincy in Peroxide

This guide gives detailed instructions on how to become a Quincy in Peroxide, including information on using the Quincy Gadget, obtaining Schrift and Vollstandig, and understanding the associated gameplay mechanics.
Becoming a Quincy in Peroxide is a multifaceted excursion loaded up with challenges, rewards, and thrilling battles. From understanding the mechanics of the Quincy Gadget to facing off against intimidating enemies in the Vollstandig Manager battle, players have a complicated and engaging path ahead. Via carefully following this aide, they can embark on this exciting adventure, exploring the many features and abilities that define the Quincy experience in Peroxide.

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How to become a Quincy in Peroxide

How to Become a Quincy in Peroxide

After starting the game as a human, players can utilize their location finder ability to head towards a circular symbol with blue spheres inside. After reaching the location, they should engage in conversation with the NPC, expressing the longing to become a Quincy.

The Quincy Gadget is an intriguing piece of gear that allows Quincies to change their moveset. Players should squeeze “N” to activate the gadget, if they are not in combat. It is similar to the thing utilized for obtaining a Schrift, which has various rarities, with Normal (79%), Rare (20%), and Legendary (1%) chances. You can also read about how to get a Kubrow Collar in Warframe from here.

How to Get Schrift

When players reach level 15, they can finish the Chase and talk to Yhwach to obtain their Schrift. To reroll a Schrift, they can burn through 100 Robux or use codes, or others may gift rerolls for Robux. Schrift can activated by press “G” when the right-side bar is filled to at least 20%. The transformation can be utilized infinitely after reaching rank B, in any event, when the bar is at 0%. Schrift moves can be opened and upgraded in the same way as different moves.

How to Become a Quincy in Peroxide

How to Get Vollstandig

To obtain Vollstandig, players should do right by the Quincy King, Yhwach, by defeating his minion. The necessities include being Level 90 and accumulating 420 points through various activities like Time gates, Time Air pockets, Storm vastocars, Invasions, and Incursions. Vollstandig can activated by press “G” with Schrift prepared and when the bar to one side is filled totally. As far as possible ranges from 33 seconds at the base to 190 seconds at maximum, and players can train by using the mode repeatedly or defeating the Manager again and again. The Vollstandig mode buffs the player’s base stats, strengthening Strength by 20%, Soul by 30%, and Vitality by 25%.

The Vollstandig Supervisor battle is a two-phase challenge. In Phase 1, the Ancient Automaton challenges players with Reishi blasts. Players should parry the blasts and deal damage with heavy attacks. After defeating the Automaton, a checkpoint is established. In Phase 2, the final test includes another Stone Figure battle, with an intervention by Yhwach. After empowering the Stone Figure with Reishi, it enters Vollstandig mode, using the player’s Schrift, leading to the real battle.